Announcement: Part I

Although I am thoroughly sad to be back from a lovely vacation, it makes me feel MUCH better to be able to announce the first of two surprises on the horizon.

Lauren Willig and St. Martin’s Press are hosting a That Summer read-along on Facebook for the entire month of August. The book will be divided into four sections, and we’ll read six or seven chapters a week to finish by September. Each section of the book will have its own moderator, and guess what? I will be moderating Week 2, August 9-15, and the second section of the book.

There will be prizes. There will be Q&A. There will be behind-the-scenes info. If you haven’t read That Summer yet, get yourself a copy (my library has several copies available – I’ll bet yours does too!) and read along with us. If you HAVE read it already, come hang out with us anyway and swap theories on characters and plot points that you’re still thinking about. I’m anticipating some great conversations.

The FB page is not quite ready to go, but once it is, I will post the link!

“But Ashley,” you are possibly thinking, “what does this have to do with your blog? And I thought you said this surprise would be pink?”

Oh, it is. More exciting news coming tomorrow.

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