In Which I Have Been Neglecting My Responsibilities

August has not be a stellar month for blogging – my apologies! I feel like I have been busier in the past three weeks than the rest of the summer combined, and consequently I have fallen behind on my reading and posting.

This weekend, I was traveling for a wedding (congratulations again, Sibby & Chris!), and so I have weddings on the brain. When I was packing for my trip, I got to thinking about weddings in books. Why is it that, more often than not, the wedding is the end of the story? I guess it’s because weddings or proposals tend to represent happy endings, but isn’t a wedding really the start of something new and exciting?

With that in mind, I tried to come up with a few books that have weddings (or wedding planning) earlier in the story. I could only come up with three!

LM Mongtomery’s The Blue Castle

blue castle

This is a sweet story about a girl named Valancy (what a name!) who discovers that she is dying and decides she wants to enjoy what little time she has left. She proposes to Barney Snaith, a man she hardly knows, as a way of escaping her overbearing family. To her surprise, Barney agrees, and the husband and wife carry on quite happily together until Valancy receives a piece of unexpected news that will change her life – again.

Donna Andrews’ Murder with Peacocks

murder peacocks

In this mystery, Meg Lanslow is scheduled to be the maid of honor in three weddings before the summer is over. Meg has plenty to keep her busy, what with bridal showers, dress fittings, and cake tastings, but when a new neighbor turns up dead, things get even more hectic. “Soon, level-headed Meg’s to-do list extends from flower arrangements and bridal registries to catching a killer–before the next catered event is her own funeral.”

Lauren Willig’s Deception of the Emerald Ring


Letty Alsworthy never meant to steal her sister’s husband – but when she climbs into a midnight carriage intent on stopping an elopement, she finds herself forced to either marry Geoff herself or subject their families to an even bigger scandal. Determined to make the most of her marriage, Letty tries to make things right with Geoff, even going so far as to sneak on board a ship bound for Ireland when Geoff is called there to help a league of British spies catch a dangerous French instigator.

I know I must have read other books that involve weddings at some point other than the end, but I’m drawing a blank. Can you think of any?

2 thoughts on “In Which I Have Been Neglecting My Responsibilities

  1. What about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? There’s a wedding right at at the front, with Bill and Fleur getting hitched amongst the hullabaloo of horcrux hunting! (two extra points for alliterative brilliance?)

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