Pink for All Seasons: Just Wow.


I am so overwhelmed right now, in the best possible way, by the number of you who have visited, commented, and emailed me about Pink for All Seasons.  It’s wonderful to know that the circle of people I can talk Pink with has grown so significantly.

To those of you who have sent me emails asking to participate in the blogging for the next year, thank you.  I worried I wouldn’t find eleven people who would want to help out – I never dreamed I’d have so many volunteers that I would have to circle back and ask people to share books and split responsibilities.  Thank you for being so generous with your time and willing to share what you love about Pink.  I’ve enjoyed hearing what you have told me so far about which book is your favorite and why, how you found the series, and how some of you are using your artistic abilities to share Pink with a wider audience.  You guys are my tribe.

If you have emailed me, and you are still waiting for me to respond, I will do it soon.

I would be remiss if I did not say thank you to Miss Eliza of Strange and Random Happenstance once again for the awesome banner design for Pink for All Seasons.  And a huge thank you to Lauren, of course, whose books are the reason the Pink challenge exists, and whose humor and grace always make me smile.

Ten days to go until September 1 and Pink I.  Let’s do this!

6 thoughts on “Pink for All Seasons: Just Wow.

  1. I cannot WAIT to revisit this series–and what a wonderful way to do it! What a great year this will be, I will be following along with my fellow readers and have told all my avid family members to read along as well!
    What a wonderful idea!

  2. Pretty excited about this. I’ve been meaning to re-read and this will make picking the books back up even more fun!!! Great idea!

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