Pink I Week 3 in Review

Pink Comic

The winner of the set of Pink comics is Jennifer, whose favorite scene is Amy and Richard’s ride on the river boat, and whose iPad chose an inconvenient moment to die on her. Congratulations, Jennifer! If you will email me your mailing address at, I will see that your prize is on its way to you ASAP. I’m sorry I can’t give a prize to everyone, but another giveaway is coming on Monday, and I’m very excited about it!

Favorite moment from this week’s section of The Secret History of the Pink Carnation? The Uppington invasion of the Hotel de Balcourt. I had completely forgotten that Richard’s entire family (plus Miles) descends on him unannounced – somehow I only remembered the Marchioness and Henrietta. Watching Miles and Henrietta tease each other was fun, and you can’t help but feel Richard’s exasperation at the way his mother is trying to manage everything for him. You know what I found interesting about this scene? Somehow, it’s possible to forget Geoff is there. He never says a word! Other characters talk about him or to him, but he never speaks – he blends completely into the background. Now that I think about it, Geoff never made it onto Delaroche’s list of possible suspects for the Purple Gentian. He suspects Marston, Edouard, Augustus, Richard, but never Geoff. Geoff is a British aristocrat who spends a good deal of time traveling back and forth between England and France. You’d think he would be worthy of just as much of Delaroche’s attention as Richard is currently enjoying. Geoff has an uncanny ability to make himself unremarkable. He’s a lot like Jane that way.

Another great moment from this section is the first time we see Jane’s spirit – the fiercely protective and (dare we say it?) dangerous side that she keeps hidden just below the surface of her usual cool grace. We see a glimpse here of the Jane that is to come. When Marston attacks Amy earlier in the Luxembourg Gardens, she’s shocked that he would do such a thing. She’s “gently bred,” and no one has ever laid a hand on her (or probably even spoken to her) in violence. But Jane never makes the mistake of underestimating what Marston’s capable of, and she shows no fear. She knows exactly how to make sure that Marston never causes a problem for Amy again, and she lays down the law with authority. This is making me anxious for Pink XII. I can’t wait to read a story that’s entirely about Jane.

Does it stretch believability at all that someone who is as successful a spy as the Purple Gentian could be oblivious to the fact that he’s being tailed? Delaroche has been getting reports on Richard’s every move for at least three days in a row. Is Richard getting overconfident? Is he distracted by Amy? Or is this just a new level of unexpected and intense scrutiny that Delaroche is subjecting him to?

In the modern chapters, I enjoyed watching Eloise’s animosity towards Serena melt away in the face of Serena’s sickness. It’s hard to hate a girl for being too perfect to be real when you’ve just had to hold her hair back while she’s sick. Also, it’s been a while sense we’ve heard anyone call Eloise “Ellie.” I thought that was cute.

What jumped out at you from this section of Pink I?

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend.

6 thoughts on “Pink I Week 3 in Review

  1. I also loved the descent of the Uppingtons on Richard’s home. In particular, I loved the description of Lady Uppington’s luggage “by the size of it, his mother had packed a full silver service, two wardrobes, and perhaps a footman or two. Or at least her shoe collection”. I also loved Stiles ducking out of carrying said luggage when he had the chance.

    I also loved the scene where Amy figures out that Richard is the Purple Gentian, only to find out Jane and Miss Gwen already knew – and that Miss Gwen wants a full description of the kiss for her novel. And I like the pink carnation better than the Invincible Orchid, thought the latter does have its appeal!

    • I have a feeling Lady Uppington and I would get along. I can’t pack light to save my life. I always end up wherever I’m going with WAY too much stuff.

      It’s funny that Miss Gwen ended up having plumeria as her flower, since she was fond of the Invincible Orchid!

      • That’s me to a tee, Ashley, although I have tried to get better recently. Have been visiting my daughter in CA every summer for the past 15 years and I always took two huge suitcases. Last year and this past summer I managed to get it down to one, and she was really amazed!

  2. Yes, the scenes with the Uppington’s at Richard’s and at the Hotel Balcourt have to be highlights of this section – so humorous, but there were so many more. The description of Lady Uppington surprised me, since she was described as petite – I had pictured her as large because of her in charge personality.

    I loved Richard’s rescue of Amy and Marston’s comeuppance. Later on after the visit to Richard’s antiquities display, it was amusing to read that Jane and Miss Gwen had figured out he was the Purple Gentian way before Amy.

    I particularly enjoyed the way Jane revealed Marston’s escapades and calmly took charge of his angry entrance into the dining room and threats. “Do the authorities know of your import business?” p. 321. I can certainly see her emergence as the Carnation. As this scene is ending when the butler announces the Uppington’s, I could visualize a TV scene with Marston being pushed out the back just missing the entourage being seated in the Green Salon.

    Really love your comments about Geoff, Ashley. He was always a favorite of mine – calm, quiet, efficient.

    In the modern section, I think Colin was beginning to redeem himself. Can just picture Eloise’s face when she realizes Serena is his sister!

    This section was jam-packed with fun!

    • It’s funny that you mention that about Lady Uppington – I completely missed her description as petite. I imagined her as tall and statuesque based on her habit of dominating Richard and Miles, who are both supposed to be so tall.

      I don’t think I appreciated Geoff properly the first time around. I’m looking forward to Pink III now!

  3. I’m so excited I won the comic! It will brighten up my new, tiny apartment I just signed the lease on yesterday.

    I also enjoyed the visit by the Uppington’s. And how Henrietta immediately becomes good friends with Amy and Jane.

    It is rather amazing that Richard survived so long as the Purple Gentian when he seems so oblivious to a lot that goes on around him in this book. He seems to be right that women are a major distraction for him!

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