The Masque of the Black Tulip

Black Tulip

Today is kickoff day for Pink II!  I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Erin, a fellow Pink Enthusiast who will be leading us through the month of October with her thoughts on The Masque of the Black Tulip.  Just like last month, there will be giveaways, weekly recaps, and a few non-Pink posts thrown in.  Since we’re beginning Erin’s month of moderating, I will go ahead and turn this post over to her!

Hello, my name is Erin.  I am a Pink Addict, and I will be your guest blogger for Pink II. So today is October 1, and we start The Masque of the Black Tulip.   I am super excited to host this book because I love Henrietta and Miles. Their relationship has always existed for them, but it is fun to watch it evolve and have them discover each other in that way. We get a preview of them in Pink I, especially when everybody’s over in France to “help” Richard. Here is Lauren’s recap of Pink II:

Who: Henrietta Selwick and Miles Dorrington

Where: England

When: Summer, 1803

What: That vicious French spy, the Black Tulip, is on the trail of the Pink Carnation—but the Tulip never reckoned with Lady Henrietta Selwick.

Historical Cameos: William Wickham, the Patronesses of Almacks

So without further ado, let’s get back to the story and to Eloise, as she and Colin drive in uncomfortable silence out to Selwick Hall… “I bit my lip on an ‘Are we there yet?'”

23 thoughts on “The Masque of the Black Tulip

  1. Henrietta and Miles are my favorite couple and Pink II is my favorite book.
    Love this book because I was hoping for Colin and Eloise to get together. Colin was a bit stuffy and Eloise seemed to be just the thing for him. Laughed when Colin asked Eloise to stop looking at him like he was the big bad wolf and she was red riding hood! And I think he made her supper…baked beans and toast? Not so romantic …but a start?!

    • That’s so interesting that you wanted Eloise and Colin to get together already in this book! I have to confess (and please don’t hate me for this) that I didn’t like Colin at ALL at this point in the series. I like him now, but back then I was not convinced.

  2. Hi, Erin! I am happy to meet another Pink Enthusiast! The Masque is great and this is going to be so much fun here this month as we all go through it together.

      • Have you ever tried ginger snaps? They were my dad’s favorite cookie, and can be quite tasty. And of course in England, biscuits are cookies.

      • I have, and my husband makes gingerbread every Christmas. Somehow, anything with ginger in it just tastes like soap to me. My taste buds must be broken.

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    A new month means a new Pink book discussion over at the Bubblebath Reader. This month is the Masque of the Black Tulip. Check it out and join in the fun! And if you missed yesterday’s post over there, definitely go back and check it out. Lauren Willing answered all our burning questions about the first Pink book, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.

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      • Absolutely not! I have a whole collection of Alice in Wonderland books – many different versions, covers, publishers. Sometimes I buy a book just because of its cover.

      • The worst is when you buy a book for it’s cover and then when you read it and it’s awful, it’s still so hard to part with it. Also, Alice in Wonderland, ditto on the variety of editions I have… though I think Jane Austen is the worst, she wrote 6 books, I think with different editions, books on Austen, etc, I’m somewhere around 90 books…

  5. I just started my reread today. The opening chapter with Colin and Eloise is pretty entertaining. I love the back and forth once Colin has given Eloise the folios: “I’ll leave you to it, shall I?” Eloise: “Mmm-hmm.” “Dinner in an hour?” “Mmm-hmm.” “Arsenic with a side of cyanide?” “Mmm-hmm.” I was rolling with laughter.

    Although I wasn’t fond of Colin at the beginning of Pink 1, he was beginning to grow on me at the end – I thought his attentiveness to his sister was admirable and that he was trying to communicate with Eloise in a nicer manner both during the midnight cocoa and at the party. I think his protectiveness of his family and the fact that he has a ‘reserved’ personality make him seem snobby and distant at first. By this second book, I was feeling like Sue regarding their relationship.

      • Yes, I did, and it made me wonder about all the information wandering around in Lauren’s head, considering when this book was written and That Summer – amazing, and such fun to pick up on now.

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