Pink II Giveaway

Black Tulip

 Happy Monday, one and all.

This week, I’m hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of The Masque of the Black Tulip. I’m sure the vast majority of you already own a copy, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one signed by Lauren? Or wouldn’t it be nice to give a signed copy to a friend, perhaps someone who is new to the Pink world?

In the interest of full disclosure, I will share that I bought this copy of Pink II from Amazon, and while it is brand new and in excellent condition, it must have been a “Bargain Book” at some point.  The bookseller drew a short black line across the bottom edge of the pages.  Amazon should really tell you these things in the product description, I feel. Anyway, I thought you might like to know before you enter the giveaway, but rest assured that this minor act of book vandalism will not negatively impact your reading experience.  Plus, there is a nice note from Lauren inside, which covers a lot of sins.

To enter yourself for this giveaway, just leave a comment below by midnight EST on October 9. I will announce the winner on Friday, October 10.

Want to earn extra entries for this giveaway? You can enter up to three times. Here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. Follow the blog! If you are already a follower, just mention that in your comment. There are links in the top right corner of this page to become a follower.
  3. Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. Again, you can just let me know in your comment that you’ve done this. I trust you.

On Friday, I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Good luck! And be on the lookout for other giveaways coming soon.

33 thoughts on “Pink II Giveaway

  1. Already a follower and ..just have to say.. I love this story. Hen may be one of my favorites. 🙂
    Ended up staying up later than I should have last night reading “just one more chapter” ….or, you know, a few more….
    Tweeting the giveaway!

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  3. Following the blog! Will share on Facebook after I post this. 🙂

    I love the year-long Read-along for the Pink series! I just bought Midnight Manzilla so can participate all year long!

  4. This was my first book that started me on the Pink Carnation! I already finished my re-read onto the next for me! 🙂 I am already following and have posted to Facebook! I would love a signed copy!

  5. I too love the Masque of the Black Tulip and would love a signed copy, I follow the blog and have shared on Facebook. (pick me, pick me)

  6. I’m a follower of the blog!

    I love that you’re going through this series. It’s been a long time since I’ve read most of the Pink books, and glad to be reading through them again!

  7. This series began my “affair” with historical fiction/spyness……:) I don’t own a copy and have had to rely on the library. A copy with a note from Lauren would make me silly with happiness – no matter the less-than-pristine state of the book.

  8. Black Tulip is what sold me on the Pink Series. I love vol 1, but sometimes sequels don’t stack up. Black Tulip did more than just be “As Good”. . . it was better!

  9. I knew I loved this book, and I knew I loved Miles, but somehow I had forgotten a bit of what a steel solid core he has and what a force to be reckoned with he actually is. He has some tough guy tendencies and qualities that I had buried under my memories of floppy hair and ginger biscuits- and I love him even more, if that is possible. (I don’t want to be too specific because I don’t want to give any potential spoilers)

    Blog follower who shared the link on Facebook.

  10. I don’t have a copy yet but would love to have one. I am using the local libraries copy and have had it over my time allowed. Already a follower and will post on FB.

  11. I found the Black Tulip before I knew it was a series and fell in love with it!!! and to get it sign would be so cool!!! I shared on FB!!!! I am Following you!!

  12. I would love to have this book. The copy I’m reading is on loan from my sister – in – law and is missing the book jacket so I have no beautiful cover to look at! A copy of my own with a note from Lauren would be awesome!!!

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