Pink II: An Alternate Version of Chapter 3

I’m handing this post off to Erin, who is leading us through Pink II.  Enjoy!


Happy Wednesday!

So I hope everyone is enjoying reading The Masque of the Black Tulip. I have been so excited to re-read Pink II that I am having a hard time keeping myself in check and not blasting thorough it. I will be doing my first recap of the book on Friday of the first 11 chapters. But today, I thought I would give you all a little treat; there is a different chapter 3 to Pink II that was cut from the manuscript before publication.

In chapter 2, we learn that a French spy has been sent to England to discover who the Pink Carnation is. In both the bonus chapter 3 and the actual chapter 3 in the book, we learn that the nefarious French spy is none other than The Black Tulip – dum dum dummm. The difference in the chapters is who is telling us. Here is the link to Lauren’s site so you can read the different chapter 3…

What did you think? Should it have remained or do you like the published version better?

5 thoughts on “Pink II: An Alternate Version of Chapter 3

  1. Good morning! I am going to be off commuting and such until quite a bit later, but I wanted to quickly pop in and check in and say hi! I’ll come back later to catch up and participate “for real” when I have time tonight.

    I confess that I have been “blasting” through this book. I have audiobooked some of this re-read due to my current circumstances and long commute. I don’t have the words for how much I am loving this one. I will try to stick to the topics, though. 🙂 I should try to pace and contain myself, but being honest, I don’t know if I will do that. This girl may try.

    I am looking forward to reading the alternative chapter 3 and everyone’s responses.

  2. I liked the alternate Chapter 3, but am glad it was cut. As much fun as it is to read about Delaroche, it’s not his story. The scene at the War Office may not be quite as funny as watching Delaroche on the verge of making another big mistake (probably pushing him down to being only the 15th most feared man in France!), but Lauren really uses the opportunity to tell us more about Miles.

  3. I love being able to read the bonus chapter 3. Lauren is seriously funny. I do prefer the published version. I think it does make the story flow. We seamlessly learn about backstories and characters. I also think the Black Tulip was introduced very well. I still visualize some type of spin-off stage production or something. The original chapter 3 had something there!

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