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Today’s post is by Erin, Moderator Extraordinaire for The Masque of the Black Tulip:

Good Day, Pink Enthusiasts! So by now we have been introduced to Bunny the Bunny, which Miles gave to Henrietta when she was little. Reading about Bunny struck a unique cord with me because I too had a stuffed rabbit named Beatrice. Beatrice was given to me on my 7th birthday by my Godmother, Maggie. After that, Beatrice and I were inseparable at home. I didn’t take her to school because my Mom wouldn’t let me, but I did take her for show and tell once. Beatrice meant so much to me that she even started a collection for me. I started collecting Stuffed Rabbits. I don’t have them out anymore, but I had over twenty at one time. They are all packed away safely in the attic so I can pass them on to my children, when that happens.

I did want to tell you a story about me and Beatrice though. When I was 9, I decided to go to camp for Girl Scouts. Not a day camp, but an overnight camp for a week. I did not know anyone, and I realized I was too young to be away from my family for that long for the first time. I think if I had gone with someone else that I knew, it would’ve turned out differently. Suffice it to say, I was miserable and extremely homesick. It was a good thing I took Beatrice with me. She is the only thing that got me through that week. I took her everywhere with me except the lake – that wouldn’t have been good. But I cried myself to sleep most nights, and Beatrice still to this day has a stain on her neck from that week that never really washed out. I share this with you not for sympathy, but to show how much a stuffed animal can leave an imprint on a person. Beatrice continued to follow me around, even to college. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or doll, or even a safety blanket that you took everywhere with you?

18 thoughts on “Bunny the Bunny

  1. One of my first stuffed animals was a little brown bear that I, in my infinite creativity, named “Beary Bear.” Like Beatrice, he was the first of many, but he is still special.

    • Well seeing as in my coming post you will all be introduced to my Bear Bears… I just wanted to say how funny it is that Ashley and I basically just went with repeating the Bear name 😛

      Though the oldest stuffed animal I have is a monkey, who oddly doesn’t have a tail. He was made by Gund, and became Gundy the Monkey. Gundy really liked gingham dresses to wear and my parents would always go, does that mean Gundy is a girl, and I said, no, Gundy just likes girl clothes. So yes, Gundy was a transvestite.

  2. My daughter was given a Tom Kitten stuffy when she was born. Kitty went everywhere….church, read alongside at the library and to my parents. He is comforted her when she was sick and waited on the bed for her each day after school. He’s wrapped in a towel in my hope chest.

      • One brothers was named “Blankie” and another have “fuzzy” and then there was “big-bird protector blanket”…
        Of course, I have grown up to be the kind of person who names their space heater (Turtle), lamp (Pie) and refrigerator (Robert)….

      • I should have mentioned granddaughter in my post below, whose favorite blanket since birth has been “Green Blanket”, although it’s mainly yellow, but has some green on one side. She is now 7 and has just in the past year and a half consented to go places without it, but still must have it when she spends the night with us.

  3. We gave our daughter a brown teddy, about 12 in. high when she was two. She named him Chocolate Bear and she slept with him, carried him everywhere – he was her constant companion. He was loved so much that his fur rubbed off in many places. When she was five, she kept getting strep throat, and we wondered if Chocolate Bear was carrying germs. Her father stopped on the way home from work one day to buy a new bear to replace Chocolate Bear. It was a beautiful pink color, but she would have nothing to do with it – only Chocolate Bear would do.

    For Christmas when she was expecting her son (now five), I gave her a fluffy polar bear for the baby. He carried this bear everywhere, slept with it, and when he was old enough to talk, he called him Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear has been through many washings and is now quite dilapidated. She tried buying new bears to replace him, but nothing would do. One time when I was visiting we went to the San Diego Zoo and saw a polar bear that looked the same. I bought it without Julian seeing it, and we gave it to him the next day, after hiding Mr. Bear. He hugged it and played with it, and we thought maybe this would be the replacement for Mr. Bear, but not so. Mr. Bear is still carried everywhere, even on the airplane when they come to visit us.

  4. On my second Christmas, I was given a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal set. Well, Pooh became my constant companion (he’s been on roller coasters and log flumes) and still has a place on my bed. I used to need Pooh to go to sleep, and after many years he now looks…very un-Pooh like. He’s falling apart. But my mom would continue to patch him up (until I did it myself), and he is even more special for it.

  5. I have had a bear named Dorothy since I was about six months old or so. I have done a lot of traveling over the years and still always bring Dorothy with me and there are photographs of Dorothy hiking in rural Turkey, staying in a dormitory in Oxford when I went there for an academic conference, admiring the view at Point Loma in San Diego and so on. She now predominantly lives in a rocking chair in my bedroom.

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