Pink II Week 2 in Review

This post was written by Erin, Moderator Extraordinaire for the month of October.

black tulips

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! I don’t know about all of you but I am really glad it is Friday and not just for the Pink II Week 2 recap.

As we left our intrepid duo, Henrietta was just realizing that the person for her was Miles. And Miles, well… he wasn’t quite there yet. But he still pounds poor Martin Frobisher into the bush because he propositioned Henrietta and gives us a glimpse of an “oops” where he saw Hen in a bloody indecent nightdress. So the idea is brewing in Miles that Henrietta is more to him than just his best friend’s little sister. We do get to see Miles try his hand at breaking and entering. Not bad, but his dismount does leave something to be desired.

Back in the modern age, Colin has somewhat thawed to human being level, even if he is being warm and friendly. Of course Eloise sums it up with, “I’m being a Dimwit.” It is a horrible idea to get involved with someone whose archives she is using. So not only is Henrietta imagining Miles, but Eloise is imaging Colin. What is going on? Maybe we will see more of what is to come in the following chapters or at the drinks at Joan’s, where Eloise is to be used as a human shield.

Getting back to Hen and Miles, Henrietta is determined to make sure Miles is not interested in the Marquise.   So she decides to spy on them in the park. If she had played it cool by pretending to nonchalantly walking through the park, I think it might have gone a little bit better. Instead, Miles spots her as “a shape that could not possibly belong to shrubbery. In fact it looked remarkably like a well-rounded derriere.” But something good does come out of this. Miles has to be squished against Hen on the ride home and can feel her pressed against him. Good news for Hen. We see bit more action at Mile’s lodging – unfortunately it isn’t that kind of Action, but it has been ransacked and Downey has been stabbed. Poor Downey. He tries so hard to keep Miles presentable.

And finally… the Kiss. “It took Henrietta a moment to realize she was being well and truly kissed by Miles.” YEAH!!! I cheered for them, since it is about damn time!

We do see a brief cameo of Jane in chapter 20. When the chapter first started, it actually took me a moment to realize it was Jane. She is so good at being the Pink Carnation. So who are we thinking is the Black Tulip? Is it really Lord Vaughn? We do see some fairly damning evidence against him and haven’t really seen much for anybody else. If you have read ahead or read before, you know who the Black Tulip is. Are you picking up more clues this time around?

8 thoughts on “Pink II Week 2 in Review

  1. Looks like I have another “plan ahead or opportunity?” Question for Lauren – the reference to the Duke of Belliston’s house! When did she decide he would put in an appearance?

    • Oh and did they really have Cosmo back then? Apparently, they really have been writing the same articles for the past 150 years!

    • Yes, Karen, the planning ahead is certainly another good question for Lauren. There are so many little snippets that indicate that.

  2. I’m not loving my re-read of Pink II. It’s a bit too farcical. Henrietta is really bugging me! Even the contemporary sections are annoying…..I didn’t like the way Eloise behaved towards Colin and his neighbors…..again it felt too farcical. Oh well I think I’m going stop reading and wait till next month. 😦

  3. Forgot that Miles was nearly excommunicated! I remembered him as more playful than mischievous, but he’s clearly a mix of both. Also, that Hen had refused so many offers of marriage. That is sort of interesting and Lauren doesn’t give us any clues as to who or why. We know it’s not that Henrietta always saw Miles as The One or something . . . she’s figuring out her feelings for him at the beginning of the book.

  4. Love the park scene too and the following ride home – so funny. During my first reading, Vaughn seemed more threatening to me when he had Henrietta trapped in the Chinese room – not as much this time.

    This book seemed a little more dangerous to me – the attack on Downey, who could have died -than Pink Carnation. I agree with you, Erin, that I didn’t realize the person in Chapter 20 was Jane at the beginning, even having read it before. It is an excellent cameo that shows Jane’s skills as the consummate spy. Also, hints of other books here and a little later at Richard’s – so interesting to pick up on these this time around.

    I am enjoying the Colin and Eloise part much better with this reading also – seeing him gradually come to the realization that there is something to Eloise – the scene in his kitchen where he is pretty much singing her praises, even if it is to bedevil Joan.

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