Giveaway Winner and Pink II Week 3 Recap

Happy Friday! Before I hand this post over to Erin, I’d like to announce the winner of the Night of a Thousand Stars giveaway from Deanna Raybourn – it’s Betty Strohecker! Betty, if you will email your address to, I will make sure Deanna knows where to send your prize. Big thanks again to Deanna for such a fun interview, and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway (there were over 40 of you!). Again, I wish I had a prize to give everyone, but keep coming back! More giveaways are in our future. And now, I will pass the mic to Erin for our Friday Pink recap.

All right everybody, it’s that time again, time for the Pink II week 3 recap! When we left our dynamic duo, Miles was well and truly kissing Hen. Then he proceeded to ignore her for a week. Probably the best way to piss Henrietta off. So Hen decides to fly off to the country and consult with Amy, that and attend their Spy School disguised as a weekend at the country. Of course Miles is there since he is Richard’s best friend, and Hen storms off into the garden and wrecks the place by knocking over the statues. Since she is in the garden anyway what does she see but the Monk of Donwell Abbey slinking into the house. But ghosts don’t have feet so it can be none other than the French spy, The Black Tulip. It all comes to naught because the Tulip gets away. The party continues with some heightened security and Hen is convinced to sing. And sing she does – straight to Miles. He is already having a hard time keeping Henrietta in the “Best Friend’s Sister Box” and the aria busts the box wide open.

Commence the walk in the park and Hen following Miles out to confront him about why he has been acting like a dunce. It quickly deteriorates and the pair are soon in a passionate embrace where Henrietta’s bodice somehow comes undone. Of course enter Richard and soon after the parson (actually it’s the Bishop of London but semantics really – the end is the same). Henrietta and Miles are MARRIED!!! Maybe not in the dream wedding that Hen had pictured, and she’s not really sure what her parents are going to say, but married just the same and to her person. Since Miles is not allowed at Selwick Hall anymore they leave straight after the wedding and head back to London. They stop for a bite and who do they run into but Turnip, and he will not leave them alone. The entire ride Hen is thinking that she can sacrifice her possible happiness and get an annulment with Miles if he doesn’t really want to be married to her. At their pit stop Henrietta also finds out that their friend Lord Vaughn is also partaking of the coach stop. Fast forward to the chase scene….Miles and Hen galloping down the road being shot at by a mysterious coach who is a very good shot. Miles does some excellent driving and manages to evade the coach and it goes careening into cabbage, yes I said cabbage. Loved it. We come to the end of the chapter with Miles and Hen pulling up to Loring House. Well he couldn’t take her to his bachelor lodgings, that would be havey cavey, or to Uppington House, so he takes her to their new home. They decide that they are not getting an annulment, but Miles’ declaration of lukewarm affections leaves something to be desired. “Give me more love or more disdain, the torrid or the frozen zone,” Henrietta thinks as Miles is imparting his words of wisdom, something she had never quite understood till now and I have to agree. It does end well though with Miles sweeping Hen into his arms and over the threshold.

And I bet you thought I had forgot Eloise – I didn’t. We left her getting ready for the drinks at Donwell Abbey with Joan. We join them in the drawing room and Eloise stuck with the vicar like Joan had threatened, but he is a young hip vicar who drinks gin. Not the worst thing to be stuck with. We also meet Sally, Joan’s sister, who is very un-Joan like. She and Collin decide to show Eloise more of Donwell Abbey. Colin and Eloise are left in the cloisters by themselves and “every nerve in my body was on man-alert screaming ‘Incoming!’” And her phone rings and ruins the moment and then Sally returns. Colin departs and Eloise is left with her tour guide and “Just here for the archives?” So are Eloise and Collin really going to happen? Will Miles and Hen be happy and make it work? Is Lord Vaughn the Black Tulip? So many questions, I guess we will have to keep reading to find out. But fear not, we are almost to the end of our journey and the questions will be answered. Till next time…

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and Pink II Week 3 Recap

  1. I was thinking as I read Pink II this week that the dreary-sounding Miss Grey that is at Amy and Richard’s spy school must be Laura Grey from “The Orchid Affair”! I did not remember meeting her so early on. I’m glad she wound up with her own story, since she seemed a bit bleak in this book.

    • I thought the same thing, Ashley. Was not remembering her described this way later on, but then I am discovering so much in the rereads that I didn’t remember.

  2. I really enjoyed this section of the book. It was filled with so much – confusion, misunderstanding, realization, and danger – all involving Miles and Henrietta. The chase down the road to London was exciting to read. I loved it when Miles pullled up in front of Loring House, explaining this was the only proper place he could bring his bride. The scene with the butler was priceless. Also loved it when Henrietta realizes Miles doesn’t want an annulment.

    For the modern part of the story, I don’t think I realized how parallel both stories were in my first reading. I was just anxious to get to what was going to happen next in both stories, but didn’t quite put them together. What a masterful piece of writing! I will be looking for more of this as I read the future books.

    I will have to say I was a little put out with Eloise in this section. After daydreaming about a connection with Colin, she then pulls her arm away when he takes it to steady her walk to the cloisters. And who needs a friend like Pammy! I wanted to shout: TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE; sorry, mobile. I realize this was all for humor and to increase frustration on Eloise’s part, but even so.

    Great recap, Erin. You told it so well and completely!

  3. I agree with you, Betty. This book more than any other I jsut wanted to shake Eloise. I mean really- you are finally getting what you want, don’t ruin it!

    And the cabbages, oh the cabbages! One of my all time favorite scenes.

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