Pink II Week 4 in Review

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Today’s post was written by Erin, and the graphic was created by Sharlene.

Well Pink Fans, this is the last recap for The Masque of the Black Tulip, and we had quite a bit happen in the last 8 chapters. When we left Hen and Miles, he was just about to carry his bride over the threshold. Well suffice it to say that they get let in the house and Miles goes directly upstairs to find a bedroom and commence the wedding night. So the next morning Miles goes to the war office and finds out Henrietta is in grave danger because her contact at the ribbon shop has turned up in the Thames, and that is never a good thing. In the meantime, Henrietta is putting together some random thoughts and figures out who the Black Tulip really is. Of course she decides to investigate without letting Miles know where she is going, but he gets there eventually.

So we find out that the Black Tulip is really Theresa Ballinger, The Marquise de Montval, who in turn thinks that The Pink Carnation is Turnip Fitzhugh. Poor Reggie –must have been all those waistcoats. So an epic fight commences and Miles shows up after stopping by Vaughn’s to accuse him of taking Hen and takes on four guys at once (not bad!). Henrietta takes out the Black Tulip with her bucket of ashes, and Theresa is captured. Enter Lord Vaughn to save the day, or not. Turns out his suspicious behavior is actually caused by the fact that his wife is still alive, and he was attempting to court Henrietta. Miles ends up telling Hen he loves her in a roundabout way and she tells him that she loves him. Best place for declarations of love: the parlor of a French Spy where there has just been a beat down. It fits for them though. Lord Vaughn offers to take the Black Tulip to the war office so the “Lovebirds” can get home. Miles and Hen arrive at Loring House to see that Hen’s parents have arrived and are not happy about the circumstances of their marriage – not the marriage itself, as they are thrilled to have Miles officially in the family. Everything is worked out, of course, and just when the two believe they are alone, Geoff arrives just in time to interrupt. We learn that he has a special mission ahead and there is the next book.   Geoff leaves and downstairs, in the servants’ hall, the word passed around that the master had been seen carrying his wife up the stairs… again.

The book ends as it began with Eloise. She is in Colin’s Library at Selwick Hall and has just discovered that the Black Tulip escaped and was last seen heading to Ireland. Unfortunately, Colin has some sort of emergency and Eloise has to depart in 15 minutes. Colin drives her to the train and offers to pay her fare, which she does not appreciate and there is no mention of the almost-kiss from him. He does offer to call her and go for drinks when he arrives back in London and Eloise is immediately dreaming of romantic dinners for two when she realizes that she neither gave nor received any number or email address. He could track her down via his aunt or Selena via Pammy, but we shall see. “Leaning one cheek against the windowpane, I wondered who would resurface first. Colin? Or the Black Tulip?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is The End. I just wanted to say thank you for reading along with me this month. It has been a pleasure to guest blog The Masque of the Black Tulip.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Erin for being the moderator for the month of October.  Remember, Lauren Willig will be stopping by tomorrow for Ask the Author II.  If you have questions about Pink II, she’ll be happy to answer them.  See you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Pink II Week 4 in Review

  1. The fight scene, in my opinion, is really Miles & Hen at their best in this book. Those two are way more fun when they’re working together.

    • I agree Heather! I had forgotten how much fun that part was to read. I was literally laughing out loud and my husband was looking at me like I was crazy!

  2. I love love love the scene with the Uppington’s at Loring House. So brilliant. I think Mrs. Uppington is one of my favorite side characters. I do also love the fight scene though.

  3. I really loved the scene when Miles carried Hen over the threshold and later in the bedroom when Hen wouldn’t stop talking. The fight scene was great too, with Miles’s blond head continuing to ‘pop up’. Turnip was so hilarious with his comments about the gun in the coffee pot and then passing the gun to Jean-Luc.

    I was happy to find out that Lord Vaughn wasn’t really so bad.

    Thanks for leading us through the book, Erin!

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