Pink III Week 2 in Review

Happy Friday! Beth is ready to go with her Pink recap, but first, I’d like to announce the winner of the signed copy of The Deception of the Emerald Ring: Susan Gorman! Susan, if you’ll email your address to, I’ll happily pop your book into the mail for you. Thanks so much to all of you for entering the giveaway, sharing the link, and following along with the blog. Another giveaway is coming on Monday, so be sure to come back. I just love to give you all things. And now, take it away, Beth.

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Hi again, everyone!  We’re sashaying right along through The Deception of the Emerald Ring, and it’s time to recap the next ten chapters.  I don’t know about you – but it’s getting to the time of the month where I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the book, even though I want to read fast and gobble it up!  (gobble – not so subtle Thanksgiving reference)

So, let’s catch up to where all of our characters are now….

Geoff:  He’s been busy – exploring Irish churches and pulpits, following suspicious characters down alleyways, and playing the ‘man about town’ role to the letter by flirting shamelessly with one Miss Gilly Fairley.  His escape from his unwanted wedding was quick and dramatic, rushing to Ireland to investigate a potential uprising.  While learning about the munitions and rockets being collected by the rebels, though, something strange is occurring – he’s actually starting to believe the sneaky Letty isn’t all that sneaky after all.  Maybe, just maybe, she isn’t a terrible person.

Letty:  She’s handled herself amazingly well, in my opinion, after surviving a boat ride with Emily Gilcrist and being befriended by the flippant Gilly Fairley with her formidable Aunt Ernie.  She even restrained herself from physical violence when she witnessed her surprising husband flirting shamelessly with another woman.  Then, she kept her wits about her when Gilly Fairley turned into Miss Jane Wooliston, who then turned into the Pink Carnation (I’m not sure when in this process that I would have lost it if I were Letty, but it would have been at least once by now) – not to mention the fact that her husband is also a spy who works with the Pink Carnation.  To top it all off, she’s getting thrown into increasingly dangerous verbal sparring sessions with the entirely slippery Lord Vaughn.  She’s also agreed to a truce with Geoff, who has become less… difficult.  To say she’s got a lot on her plate is a gross understatement.

Jasper:  He’s turning up everywhere, leering at Letty whenever he gets a chance.  Ew.

Jane:  AKA Gilly Fairley, she is doing a phenomenal job (as she always does) in playing the part, meeting Vaughn verbal punch for verbal punch, and being covered in flounces.  In a stroke of clear genius, Jane decides to trust Letty and let her in (at least in part ) on their goal in Ireland.

Miss Gwen:  AKA Auntie Ernie, she is harrumphing and accusing carriage drivers of hitting potholes on purpose.  Because obviously, they do that.  Also, glowering in true Miss Gwen style.

Lord Vaughn:  He’s being terribly sneaky, and everywhere.  Every time he’s alone with Letty or Jane, I’m very concerned for their safety!  I think they need to start carrying parasols as a defensive precaution.

Eloise:  Poor thing, she has yet to hear from Colin, but has secured a date with the somewhat pitiable Jay who, though I’m sure he’s a lovely person, could never hold a candle to the brilliance of Colin Selwick.  In a stroke of dating fate (which, let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to happen to us at some point), Colin stumbles into Eloise and Jay’s date to see Eloise out with another man.  This could produce some jealousy, if Eloise plays her cards right!

The exciting adventures keep coming in Pink III!  As I’m reading through this time, I’ve been struck with how quickly both Geoff and Letty seem to forgive each other from what’s gone on – Letty, especially.  Geoff seems to hold a strong grudge, but Letty (once filled in on the whole spy business) comes around to the truce really quickly.  I’m not sure I would have had the same flexibility with someone who abandoned me on my wedding day.

What do you all think – did Geoff warrant a quick forgiveness?  Would you have believed the Pink Carnation story, faced with the evidence provided by Jane?  Do Lord Vaughn’s witty conversational skills lead you in confused circles, or leave you worried for Letty’s safety?

11 thoughts on “Pink III Week 2 in Review

    • Then I know you’re loving these scenes! I get whiplash reading the back and forth, and am so impressed by Lauren’s ability to contrive these fast conversations with all of the undercurrents and intrigue. If I were in this book, my character would be on the sidelines, confused, watching the back and forth and trying desperately to figure out what was happening!

  1. I see Letty as a person who likes harmony, she does not like conflict and most people who like harmony and dislike conflict usually are quicker to forgive, they don’t usually hold grudges (it’s just too hard and doesn’t hurt anyone but themselves). It’s pretty much once she knows what is up, she has no excuse in her eyes to not forgive.

    • Do you think maybe Letty’s quick forgiveness is one of the contributing factors to Geoff’s warming to her? I wonder if her gut reaction of, “Well, that’s water under the bridge” is just more proof to Geoff that she doesn’t have a manipulative bone in her body.

      Also – there is irony there….if Mary had been in Letty’s shoes, she would have taken ages to forgive Geoff, and Mary was the one he wanted to begin with!

  2. I really enjoyed how quickly this section moved. I felt sorry for Letty when she saw Geoff flirting with Gilly/Jane, but was glad Jane decided to let her in on the ruse. In discussing the spying mission and how to proceed, Geoff seemed to discover that Letty was ‘guileless’ which leads him to rethink his belief that she planned to trap him. I was waiting for the answer when he asked Letty, “What really happened that night?”, but of course the answer never came since they were interrupted.

    I feel that Letty was too forgiving too soon although I really like Geoff’s character. One of the reasons I liked this book was seeing their relationship unfold as they begin to discover who each one really is. A thought that occurred to me is how many relationships are harmed because two people don’t take the time to talk things out and listen to each other. It’s all about communication. Of course, that’s what makes a book interesting.

    Again I see parallels with Eloise and Colin. Must say I enjoyed the banter when Colin walked over to speak to Eloise and JAy.

  3. I enjoyed the part where Eloise kept dreaming up scenarios of running into Colin on her way to meet her date and he walks into the restaurant where she’s having her date instead.

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