Pink III: Favorite Quote Contest

Today’s post was written by Beth.

Happy midweek, everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying this section of The Deception of the Emerald Ring.  The plot is thickening… and, it’s impossible to put down!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struck by some amazing quotes as I’m reading this time around.  Between the witty (and dizzying) banter of Lord Vaughn, the sharp wit of Miss Gwen, and Letty’s fantastic guileless observations, this book is full of great one-liners.

For example:

“Ever since she fired on that boot manufactory in Calais, Miss Gwen has had difficulty controlling her incendiary impulses.” – Geoff

“All the best worship is done from afar.  You might want to try it.” – Letty, to the handsy Jasper

“I,” said Miss Gwen grandly, “will blow up the depot.”

Here’s my idea – comment below with your favorite one-liners from the book, and we can share with Lauren the top top three most popular lines next week!  If someone else comments with your favorite quote, you can just reply to them and and second their choice.

So… what are your favorite lines?

What a fun idea, Beth!  Lauren has a post on her site devoted to favorite quotes from Pink I and Pink II, but she doesn’t have any for Pink III yet.  Let’s do it!

12 thoughts on “Pink III: Favorite Quote Contest

  1. “I find I am suddenly seized by an intense longing for a beverage.” Letty, after deciding that “acquiescence is the better part of valor.”

  2. Just read further, and wanted to add this bit of conversation when Geoff and Letty entered the bedroom of the house he is renting.
    Geoff: “Aristotle explored the motions of heavenly bodies.”
    Letty: “Not those sorts of heavenly bodies. There was nothing celestial about it.”

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