Quote Contest: Vote for Your Favorite!

Last week, our lovely Pink III moderator Beth proposed a quote competition.  Several of you provided comments with your favorite quotes – all of them were great!  Beth’s idea is to share the three most popular quotes from Pink III to Lauren, which means it’s time for you to vote!  Select your favorite quote in the poll below.

We’ll pass the winning three along to Lauren on Friday when she returns for Ask the Author III!

Also, tomorrow will be Dream Casting day for The Deception of the Emerald Ring. Which actors should play our leading characters?  Stop by tomorrow to see what Beth and Elizabeth have to say.

3 thoughts on “Quote Contest: Vote for Your Favorite!

  1. Too late for the quote contest, but I just read over the weekend Geoff introducing himself and Miss Gwen to the guard at the munitions storage house – “I’m Dooney and this is Burke” – I laughed out loud at Lauren’s little tidbits of humor slipped in so easily.

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