Pink III: Dueling Dream Casts!


It’s that time again – let’s dream cast The Deception of the Emerald RingElizabeth, our casting director of the first two books, and Beth, our moderator for the month of November, have thought long and hard about what actors should play the leading characters from Pink III. Before we begin, a quick introduction from Beth:

Almost never in life does the movie ever come close to the book, does it?  It’s almost to the point where I don’t even watch the movie – or, if they announce the movie is coming out, I just know it’s going to be a bummer.  But that’s the beauty of this duel – we each get to pick our favorite actors for our hero and heroine!  Now, I’m no casting director, and I’m certainly not an expert of film.  I do like a good BBC miniseries and I’m a sucker for anything with singing and dancing, thus all of my choices are limited to those realms so bear with me!

Alright ladies – let’s get down to it. We’ll kick off our casting with the role of Geoff, and Elizabeth will take the lead!


When dreamcasting Lauren’s books, I almost never cast the male lead first. I think this is just because I so strongly connect to the female lead, and perhaps wish to be in her shoes maybe a little, that they get cast first. Plus, it’s just correct etiquette that ladies go first! But The Deception of the Emerald Ring was a big old aberration to my, hopefully one day patented, system. Because finally getting to really look at Geoff I realized that he IS Jamie Bamber. How did I reach this logical conclusion? To the evidence! I had seen Jamie Bamber in so many roles on so many shows over the years that he had become kind of part of the furniture of what makes up a good BBC production. There he is with Hugh Dancy as the funny painter in Daniel Deronda, there he is as the loyal Archie in Horatio Hornblower, there he is in Lady Audley’s Secret falling down a well (and you shouldn’t watch that horrid adaptation anyway so considered yourself spoiled for your own good).


And then something happened. That something is called Battlestar Galactica. As Captain Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama, Bamber was no longer furniture, he was out there in space being all sexy, sometimes really out there dropping a towel and showing a little full back action… In other words, Jamie Bamber is someone who had always been sexy but was overlooked for years till just the right moment. This is how I view Geoff. He’s been overlocked for years, blending into the background, till all of a sudden he whisks Letty accidentally into that carriage and he becomes headlines. Sexy sexy headlines.  Or it could totally be that I was brainwashed by his appearance in The Scarlet Pimpernel and made up this story. But I defy you to find me a better Geoff! As for a certain Richard Armitage being posited… I do love me some Richard Armitage and yes, I do think that he has the seriousness of Geoff and he can blend into the background and smolder nicely… the question is, do you see him writing florid poetry? I do not.


Miss Eliza’s full post for Geoffrey Pinchindale-Snipe played by Jamie Bamber can be found on her blog.  Okay, Beth – make your case for Richard Armitage!


For Geoff, it had to be someone who was mysterious.  Someone who was handsome and dark but also had a softer, sweet side.  Someone who could hold of a band of rebels with Miss Gwen by his side, and maul Letty in conveyances with the best of them.  That man, I think, is the great Richard Armitage.  He’s a man of many talents (I mean when you find yourself strangely attracted to Thorin Oakenshield or the narrator for The Great Sperm Race, he’s doing something right).  He would be awesome at the cold shoulder Geoff levels in Letty’s direction at the wedding, and he would make every beating heart melt through the last few chapters (for reference, check out the last 10 minutes of North and South!).  Lastly – if we’re being honest – I’m pretty sure we’d all be ok with him on a pink coverlet.  Twist my arm.

Excellent choices. And now for our heroine, Letty! Elizabeth – who have you selected?


As for Letty… the first criteria is that she has to be a true, vibrant redhead (sorry Emmy Rossum). I used to so want red hair when I was little, and contrary to my parents’ opinion it wasn’t because I hero-worshiped my cousin who had red hair, it was because I just love the color! It’s like your hair is live flames! So, I was on the lookout for redheads and then I stumbled on the new (at that time) adaptation of As You Like It staring Bryce Dallas Howard. Now I hadn’t really seen her in anything other than The Village and every time I saw her all I could think of was that old SNL sketch with Eddie Murphy and her father, Ron Howard, where Murphy kept saying “Opie had sex!?!”

Picture4So I was really shocked that she could act. And not like, oh, she’s ok, in that way you do for acting dynasties. No, she carried that whole movie and was amazing AND did a stellar British accent. Plus, have you seen any pictures of her when she was pregnant? She just exudes this hearth and home vibe that is at the core of who Letty is. Therefore I present for your consideration, Letty as played by Bryce Dallas Howard. And as for Emmy Rossum, I’ve sadly only seen here in the bizarre adaptation of Beautiful Creatures, so I don’t think I can give a knowledgeable opinion, other then I think Bryce is better!

Again, Miss Eliza’s full post for Letty Alsworthy played by Bryce Dallas Howard can be found on her blog.  Beth, who is your ideal Letty?


For Letty, I wanted someone who is guileless – someone who you look at their face and think, “She could never lie to anyone!”  She has to be able to laugh, especially at herself.  Curly hair was a must; hair color we could change.  I think a good cast choice for Letty is Emmy Rossum.  She’s really pretty without realizing it, she’s funny, and I know she could hold her own in corsets and, to quote Geoff, ‘pantaloons’.  Bonus – if we wanted to make The Deception of the Emerald Ring a musical, she’d have the pipes to pull of a fantastic showstopper finale number (complete with rockets and fireworks!).  Tap dancing rebels, anyone?

Well, what do you all think?  Jamie, Richard, Bryce, Emmy, or someone completely different?  Who do you envision when you read Geoff and Letty’s story?

Also, in random and fun Pink news, The Lure of the Moonflower has a cover!  Happiness everywhere.





18 thoughts on “Pink III: Dueling Dream Casts!

  1. So I think Letty really needs to be a younger actress (or at least someone who can pull off “young” with Hollywood magic). She’s only 19 in the book. Also I feel like she needs to have a guileless look about her. For that reason I choose Elizabeth Olsen. I know she’s not very well known and most people write her off as “the other Olsen sister” but she’s a good actress and I feel like she captures Letty perfectly. And for me Geoff is Colin O’Donoghue. I don’t really think there’s an explanation needed although I like how Beth put it – I’d be ok with him on a pink coverlet.

  2. I find it funny that I always worry about casting the male leads first, as opposed to Elizabeth’s tendency to cast the female lead first. I suspect it is at least partially because I really like the heroes in this series, some of them I really especially like, and if they aren’t right the whole movie won’t work for me. I could sub, in a pinch, for the heroine. Ah, ha, ha. Seriously, I can’t explain it, but the hero is who I focus on with dream casting.

    This causes me fits for this book. I tend to not be good at the dream casting in the first place, because rarely does any real life person match what I have in my head when I read. I don’t usually read a book and envision an actual actor playing the book out. Usually, it is my made up version of the character that I put in my mental movie as I read.(two notable exceptions were That Summer and The Seduction of the Crimson Rose 😃) But I am especially fond of Geoff. Like, kind of goofy about Geoff. I know how he is in my mind, and there isn’t anyone yet I can think of that seems quite right to take the role. I got nothin’ to offer. Of the two, I would go with Richard Armitage. I think The Vicar of Dibley showed a glimpse of his range and that he could be smitten to the goofy point of writing flowery poetry. I’m not sure how unnoticeable he would really be and I am not sure Geoff is quite so vividly beautiful, but we could all probably “suffer” through the movie and he is a mighty fine actor and could probably pull it off.

    I don’t think either actress is close to what I thought for Letty, but I don’t have anyone else who is. Why, oh why, is dream casting so difficult for me?! This really is a fun task. Lauren has given us such amazing characters. I really liked reading Elizabeth’s and Beth’s different choices, and I am looking forward to seeing what other readers come up with.

  3. Interesting suggestions from all. I’m very much like Paige in that I can see the character in my mind, but don’t necessarily think of an actor or actress when reading. I just know when I see a movie, whether I think the casting works.

    Geoff was a particular favorite of mine. Of those mentioned, I think Colin O’Donoghue would fit best in my mind. The other two are too old. I’m not that up on the latest actors and actresses, so just try to evaluate the ones mentioned by googling them. I believe when I mentioned Christopher Gorham for an earlier casting, someone replied that he was too old. Armitage and Bamber are both older – 41 and 43 (don’t recall which is which). I did just see a magazine spread on Chace Crawford, and thought he could look like Geoff to me. Yeah, I know he’s a Texan, but looks, physique, and mannerisms are more important to me than accents.

    For Letty, I would have to go with Ashley’s pick. With today’s actresses being so tall and slender, it would be hard to find someone short and ’rounded’ as Letty is described.

  4. Also, I just thought of someone who we need to cast in the Pink series, and who could work as Geoff, and that’s Iain De Caestecker… sure he’s one Agents of SHIELD, but he was awesome of Young James Harriot, and we could use his costar Amy Manson as Letty!

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