Pink III Week 4 in Review

Today is the last post for Beth, our Pink III moderator. Hasn’t she done a wonderful job? Before I turn this post over to her, there is something I want to tell you all about Beth. Not only is she the person responsible for putting The Secret History of the Pink Carnation in my hands back in 2007, she has been my friend since the first day of our freshman year of college. We saw our first R-rated movie together, spent a semester in London, and took an illicit dip in Fonville Fountain on my 21st birthday. We drifted apart a bit after graduation (like you do), but she came back into my life three years ago in a blaze of glory when I really needed her. Since then, she is ALWAYS there. She is the type of friend who will text me pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch to brighten my day, invite me over to try a new cupcake recipe, or send me a card in the mail just because. She is, as Emma Thompson once said about Kate Winslet, “beautiful in both countenance and spirit.” So Beth, thank you for being a wonderful friend and an excellent leader for Pink for All Seasons.

And now, on to the recap. Take us home, Beth!

Well folks, we’ve arrived – the finale of The Deception of the Emerald Ring! This month has flown by and I’ve loved spending time as your moderator through this fantastic adventure – a thousand thank yous to the lovely Ashley for bringing me on for the ride! I told you, stuff was about to go down – and go down it did!

So, without further adieu, let’s dive in and recall how everything has ended up for our characters:

  • Jane, Geoff, Letty, and Miss Gwen successfully collaborated to thwart the rebels AND the French at the same time, with delightful parasol wielding, chicken-pecking, explosive good fun.
  • The Marquise is, unfortunately, dead. And I don’t think we know who did it. Which is concerning.
  • Jasper, we discover, is a terrible person and actually was trying to kill Letty and Geoff to get at Geoff’s fortune. Who does that?
  • Geoff and Letty admitted to each other – and eventually believed – that both of them were imperfect, and it was the imperfections that made them love each other more (including goiters, warts, and carbuncles).
  • Geoff and Letty beat the pants off of Jasper, and banish him to India with a particularly vindictive valet.
  • Lord Vaughn is still slightly untrustworthy.
  • Colin asked out Eloise – after a decidedly awkward conversation involving mimes – to a real date with real dinner at the Thanksgiving party!

There were some fantastic moments in this last section of the book. There were so many scenes that I love! For example:

I love that Miss Gwen gets to blow up the depot. It’s wonderful that she’s such a powerful, independent character and that can compete with the best of them. Whether it’s ‘pinking’ a rebel in the knee with her sword or exclaiming “Peck, my pretties, peck!”, this is a one of my favorite Miss Gwen scenes. It makes me want to wield a parasol and defy the French!

I love that Letty gets to show her scrappy side. She really does give Jasper a run for his money after he kidnaps her, and even before that she gets that fuse to light, dag-gone-it. And, when it comes down to it, she’s the one that bests Jasper and gets them the upper hand while Geoff is talking to him! Three cheers for Letty!

I love that Geoff and Letty finally get the chance to be honest with one another. Letty admits to being jealous of her beautiful and seemingly golden sister, while Geoff admits that his love for Mary was shallow and temporary. The purity and love in this conversation just shines.

More importantly, what are your thoughts about the last bit of the book? What was your favorite part? Are you satisfied with Jasper’s sentence, or do you want Miss Gwen to ‘pink’ him too?

4 thoughts on “Pink III Week 4 in Review

  1. “Peck, my pretties, peck!” Haha Definitely Miss Gwen at her finest. Also I had forgotten the circumstances involving the death of the Marquise. Must be very frustrating for the Pink Carnation having just come to the conclusion that the Black Tulip may actually be a whole spy ring rather than one person and now the only known “petals” both turn up dead.

  2. Loved the last section of the book. Can’t say there was any particular part that stood out more – there was just so much action. Jasper proved himself to be a real villain. I think Geoff was too kind to only banish him to India – perhaps he should have told “mummy”.

    I also appreciated the honesty and realizations that unfolded between Geoff and Letty.

    In the modern story, I thought the Thanksgiving banter was well written between all parties. I’m really liking Colin’s man about town, nonchalant handling of whatever he faces.

    Thanks for doing a great job, Beth. Happy Thanksgiving!

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