Pink IV Week 2 in Review

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Happy Friday, everyone!

First item of business: Erin L, you are the Pink IV Giveaway Winner! If you will email your address to, I will get your prize in the mail to you as soon as possible.

How is the Pink IV re-read treating you all? This is actually my first re-reading of this particular book, and I’m pleased to report that I’m enjoying it much more this time around.

Can I just say, I am a little embarrassed that (having read this book and ALL the others, most of them several times), I did not immediately remember that Miss Fustian and Mrs. Fustian are Jane and Miss Gwen. When Lauren brought them on board for the trip to Vauxhall, I thought, “Who are these people?” It took me until the moment where the group is discussing the late Mr. Fustian to realize what was happening.

How about Mary and Vaughn in the Chinese chamber? I love the exchange of Much Ado about Nothing quotes and watching Mary try to process how to handle this extremely different side of Lord Vaughn.

Also, Mary has her first encounter with the Black Tulip at Vauxhall. Since her only experience with spies up to this point is her observations of Richard and Miles, it’s no surprise that this meetings leaves her feeling shaken. There’s no telling what she may have expected, but Mary’s strongest impression of the Black Tulip is that he’s probably not in his right mind. For a girl like Mary who is always thinking about how to hold herself and how she appears to others, she is seriously thrown when the Black Tulip sits just out of her line of vision and holds her so roughly. Since she was still entertaining the possibility that Vaughn might be the Black Tulip, the total contrast between Vaughn’s way of treating her and the Black Tulip’s handling is a shock. It actually reminds me a bit of Amy in her assignation with Georges Marston, expecting her romantic Purple Gentian and getting a drunk who attacks her instead. Mary does a pretty respectable job of keeping her cool, I thought.

And in the modern world, Eloise and Colin are finally, FINALLY going on a date. I think it’s very endearing that Colin is so protective of his sister, but I do think he’s taking it a bit far to jump to the conclusion that Eloise and Nigel Dempster were in cahoots.

What stood out to you in your reading this week?

8 thoughts on “Pink IV Week 2 in Review

  1. I actually thought Colin gave up on his idea that Eloise was in cahoots with Dempster a little too quickly. Since he thought she was connected to him when he first met her and now discovered that they know each other, I would think it would take more convincing than Eloise being annoyed at him to change his mind. But I also realize that there are only so many pages to move that plot along.

  2. It’s in these chapters where I first began to realize Vaughn is the hottest of all Lauren’s heroes thus far…until Jack…Count me on Team Vaughn!

  3. I think I was rereading it for the 3rd time (finally having read all the books in order) that I realized that the Fustians were none other than Jane and Miss Gwen … *hangs head in shame
    I really like your comparison of Mary/Black Tulip and Amy/Marston, I hadn’t thought of it that way.

  4. I’m still behind, but this is my favorite book so far! I can’t believe how much I love Mary… I liked Letty in the last book and didn’t think much of Mary, and now it’s reversed. That’s good writing. Plus, I don’t usually go for the bad boys, but my gosh… Vaughn. And I love the idea of taking these two characters who’d been somewhat “villainous” in past books and making them the heroes. I just love it all around.

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