Pink IV Dream Casting

Today’s post was written by Miss Eliza of Strange and Random Happenstance.

Book series are fickle beasts. You can be reading them, and quite enjoying them, but sometimes you aren’t fully committed… yet. Of the entire Pink Carnation series, I view the previous two volumes as the weakest. Please don’t pelt me with scary balls of pudding tied up in pilfered ribbons! It’s just my personal opinion, and I actually am a little behind in the re-read (ok, you can throw evil darting glances at me here) so this is my opinion from when I re-read them a few years back so I might change my mind (though I doubt it). But here’s the point I’m trying to make… The Seduction of the Crimson Rose was when everything fell into place for me. This was the book that made me realize this was an author whose work I would read whatever they wrote. If an author can take previously aloof and unpalatable characters and make them stars, well, that’s an author I want to read. Go Lauren! It also made me hope that the series would continue, thankfully for us for a further eight volumes! Now to our cast…


I say things like, oh, I always cast the female first, and then of course comes two books back to back where I cast the male lead first. Make a rule for myself and then break it is apparently how I roll. But the truth is, how could I NOT cast Lord Vaughn first I ask you? He’s already been around for a few books, hijacking the plot and stealing our hearts with his snarky ways. There has always been one man in my heart that makes looking bad so damn appealing. That man is James Purefoy. He is able to be menacing yet bring some levity with perfectly timed jokes. The line about the lions in Rome, highlight of season two, easily (mauling lions do so ruin a good procession). Also he looks smashing in Regency clothing. I mean, seriously, look at those cravats in Beau Brummell: This Charming Man! But it’s his roles in shows like Injustice and The Following that bridge the attractive and the menacing snark that makes him my number one choice for Lord Vaughn!


As for Mary Alsworthy, I wanted someone who had the raven haired beauty that the role demands, as well as the ability to look down on those below her and sneer. Also, because I’m OCD like this, I wanted someone whom I thought could believably (age and look wise) be Letty’s sister, forever Bryce Dallas Howard to me. I think that Natalie Dormer is perfect in this regard! Despite actually not truly having the raven locks (she sure fooled us in The Tudors) she looks fabulous with them and is only one year younger then Bryce! Plus, I mean, not to gloat, but seriously, everyone wants her in their projects now since Game of Thrones, and I had her pegged as Mary over five years ago… suck it, Hunger Games! Therefore I submit Natalie and James for your delectation and would love to hear your suggestions. Can I put money on someone suggesting Hugh Laurie?

You can see posts with additional pictures at these links:

Mary Alsworthy played by Natalie Dormer
Lord Sebastian Vaughn played by James Purefoy

9 thoughts on “Pink IV Dream Casting

  1. Ok I’m cheating a little on this one since my Mary/Lord Vaughn has already been a couple in another historical TV miniseries, but I didn’t see it and this is my dream cast, so I’m going with it! For me this one started with Lord Vaughn because, let’s face it, he IS Jonathan Rhys Myers. I decided that back when we met him in Black Tulip. He has that charming bad boy thing going and I feel like he has every bit of attitude that Lord Vaughn carries with him. Mary was a little harder for me. I finally thought about Natalie Dormer from Hunger Games. I won’t go into all the reasons I think she would be a good Mary since Miss Eliza has already done that (I can’t believe we came up with the same actress) but I was surprised to see an IMDB picture of her with MY Lord Vaughn. I never saw The Tudors. And the pictures of the two of them together just screamed Lord and Lady Vaughn. Yes, I know I’m a couple centuries off but that’s beside the point. There was something about them in that picture that made it official in my mind. So if you’ve seen The Tudors and can’t see them together as anyone but King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn then sorry, but this is my dream cast and for me Jonathan Rhys Myers and Natalie Dormer are Lord and Lady Vaughn!

  2. Upon looking at the pictures, my first inclination was to agree with the casting of Lord Vaughn, but then I looked him up and found out he is 50 – a bit too old for Vaughn. “The Following” connection doesn’t do it for me either. I watched the first season, but stopped after that because of the extreme violence, even though I love Kevin Bacon and there was some filming in my hometown of Richmond, Va. Don’t know who I would suggest, but Jonathan Rhys Myers is a possibility.

    Mary, I agree with wholeheartedly!

    • It’s such comical violence, being done by the people who did Scream. Also Vaughn is considerably older, and I did this casting when the book first came out, so he was early 40s then. He’s also a fair sight younger then the running favorite on the interwebs of Hugh Laurie.

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