Pink IV Week 4 in Review

Good morning!  To all of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday.  I’d like to begin by announcing the winner of the library sale books: it’s Thea!  Thea, if you will email me at with your address, I will get your prize in the mail.  Merry Christmas to you from the Bubble Bath Reader!

And now, I will hand this post over to Sarah, who I believe deserves a big round of applause and huge Holiday Huzzahs for doing such a wonderful job of leading us through Pink IV.  Thank you so much, Sarah!  Take it away 🙂

Whew, here we are at the end of Crimson Rose . . . I can’t believe we are here already.  Alright, the ‘wrap up’ where everything falls into place and much that was once mystery has come to light.

Mary:  Brave and resilient.  She manages to save Vaughn, unmasks the Black Tulip and is instrumental in his defeat; mostly while in various states of ‘undress’.  She is not above using her feminine wiles if she needs to.  My favourite from her during these last chapters is during her confrontation with the Tulip “Mary swallowed hard and straightened her spine, dropping her coquetry like an outgrown mask.  The battle would have to be won on other grounds.”  She is the best type of heroine, in my opinion, no flustering, no panicking, no waiting for someone to ‘rescue’ her (although his appearance later is welcome) just pragmatism and logic; much like Jane and Henrietta.  A great wish of mine is that, should I find myself in such a situation, I would behave in a like fashion.  The ‘cherry on top’ is she gets her man in the end and without either of them having to resort to anything, ummmmmm, untoward (yep, let’s go with that).

Lord Vaughn:  Has recovered from his wound rather admirably and is determined to see himself free of his resurrected wife so he can marry Mary (marry Mary, that’s a fun phrase … sorry, it’s Christmastime, too much Elf).  He has a meeting with Anne, where he discovers that the Tulip is the next Jacobite ‘pretender’ (ooooh, I have highland Scots heritage and struggle with this a bit … however, I’m also a good Canadian and love Queen Elizabeth … ack!) and that he needs to save Mary.  I love his ‘uneasy’ partnership with Geoff in this portion, “he hadn’t intended either Pinchingdale or the tree.”  Then his gallant duel with the Tulip, where he rips his gunshot wound open, and then he guiltily turns back when he realizes that Anne didn’t get out.  Oh, Vaughn.  However, he winds up with his Mary and he’s glad of that, although it also means his children will be Geoff and Letty’s relations.

Anne:  My other ‘difficult heroine’ that I made a vague allusion to a week or so ago.  Her story would probably be a fascinating one as she is quite the complicated woman.  She managed to get herself under the dubious ‘protection’ of the Black Tulip and finally realized that Vaughn wasn’t such a bad option after all.  The amazing part is she is willing to risk her life to see that he is safe.  Is it just more self-interest on her part?  We’ll never know, but she made a very brave move to defy the Tulip the way she did, and she paid the ultimate price for it.

The Black Tulip/St. George:  Well, this was a beautiful move on Lauren’s part, I must admit.  While I feel like I maybe should have seen it coming, based on character moves in ‘Emerald Ring’, I really didn’t.  And to make the spin even better it has nothing to do with the French cause and Bonaparte!  It’s all about Louis and his supposed betrayal of Jamie’s father Bonnie Prince Charlie, absolutely brilliant.  While the Tulip manages to be totally menacing to Mary, and later seems to be beating Vaughn in their duel, it does appear that he died in the fire that brought down Lady Euphemia’s theatre.  Destroyed by his own ‘infernal machine’ and cruelty, poetic justice at its finest.

Colin & Eloise:  Had a lovely date, which included a nice interlude in her very blue hallway, and they seem to be on their way to an actual relationship.  Eloise set Dempster down rather nicely on her last visit to the Vaughn collection and Colin invited her to spend the week with him at Selwick Hall.  After all, there are multitudes of papers left to be combed through, and who better then Eloise?

That pretty much encapsulates the end of Crimson Rose.  Let me know if I missed anything in my summation that you think should have been included.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey and I really look forward to rereading the next books with you all!

7 thoughts on “Pink IV Week 4 in Review

  1. I am late to post, but thanks, Sarah! I loved rereading this book, and you were a great leader! Your summaries, this one included, are always excellent!

  2. There is so much going on at this holiday season, that I am just now able to catch up with things. I really enjoyed the reread of this book and liked Mary and Vaughn even more this time around. I felt like everything rushed to a close, leaving me wanting more of our two lovers. I had forgotten the ending and was wondering how Vaughn would get around his wife to marry Mary. I also actually felt sorry for Anne at the ending even though she had caused so much havoc. Finding the gold coin does leave some room for pondering the end.

    Like you, Sarah, I have Scots heritage – my son recently traced us back to Mary, Queen of Scots, then Robert the Bruce, and was heading to France. I have recently read several books that dealt with the Jacobites, most notably Susanna Kearsley’s, so this in an intriguing subject for me. Thanks so much for your excellent summaries during this reading journey. Happy New Year!

    • Wow, lucky you, that is an impressive lineage! We’ve gotten stuck at our crossing to Canada, having a hard time finding out where in Scotland that man came from. My maiden name is McLeod, though, so in the highlands somewhere. All I know is when I went to Scotland my blood sang and I was home! I, too, felt a little sorry for Anne by the end and would have been quite happy with a few more chapters. I think that’s the sign of a good book, though, you didn’t want it to end.

      • My son used and got the connection through an unlikely link on my mother’s side. My maiden name is Andrews, and my father had always talked about his Scottish heritage, so when my son called with the info, I had expected it to come through dad. My mother’s name was Murphey, so we knew there was Irish as well as English heritage, as her mother’s family was Jones. However, the link came through the Murphey side, my maternal grandfather’s mother’s name was Hague, and that’s where my son traced us back to Scotland. He has always been interested and became moreso after watching the TV series Reign (which is enjoyable, but very incorrect, as I have done a lot of historical reading and research through the years – love my Scottish books!).

        Have really enjoyed chatting with you, Sarah. We have been to Canada several times – Quebec and Montreal – but most recently last August when we traveled from Maine to New Brunswick and PEI – beautiful country and such nice people. A couple in PEI offered us their guest room the next time we come.

      • Oh, we love PEI! My husband’s family is from Nova Scotia (Scottish heritage there, too). We’re actually on our way to Halifax next week, his grandmother is celebrating her 100th birthday … which is the ONLY reason we’d ever go in January! Should you make your way to Alberta let me know, I have a spare room, too; and the Canadian Rockies are spectacular 🙂

      • Thanks for your offer, Sarah! We live on the east coast – Virginia Beach, where a lot of Canadians vacation in the summer. If you ever make it this way, we would definitely offer you a room too. My husband and I both retired in June, so we hope to travel more. That’s one reason we were able to extend our vacation last summer and spend some days in Canada. Our daughter lives in California, so I travel out there once a year, and they were here for Christmas. I’m sure the Canadian Rockies are spectacular! Maybe one day… We want to visit Nova Scotia also, as it looks so beautiful. Have a safe trip! Congratulations to your husband’s grandmother – what a milestone!

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