The Mischief of the Mistletoe


I’m so pleased to be starting the re-read of The Mischief of the Mistletoe today!  This book was my favorite of the series for a long time.  At first, I was a bit bummed that the timing didn’t work out for Mistletoe to be our December book – shouldn’t we have read Lauren’s Christmas book at Christmas?  But in the end, I’m rather glad it’s our January book.  Do you ever feel like you spend so much time getting ready for Christmas that the day itself just races by?  I finally relax and get in a holiday mood, and Christmas is abruptly snatched away from me.  Christmas trees are already out on the road and the stores have got their Valentine’s Day displays up.  It feels like such a rush.  So this year, I am thrilled to stretch the holiday out through the month of January with Arabella and Turnip.

I mentioned before that we’ll be reading Mistletoe next, despite the fact that it was published after The Seduction of the Night Jasmine AND Betrayal of the Blood Lily.  For purposes of this blog, Mistletoe will henceforth be crowned Pink V.  I know that this starts to get confusing – GoodReads lists it as Pink Carnation 7 (due to the publication order).  Lauren just calls this one “Pink Christmas,” and her website lists Orchid Affair as Pink VII.  So we’re teetering on the edge of chaos here, but I think we can all handle it.  Just know that Pink V is my shorthand for Mistletoe, and naturally you should feel free to call it whatever you like for your own purposes.

I think Lauren does a great job in her recap of explaining how Mistletoe fits into the series, so be sure to check that out.  If Lauren recommends that newcomers to the Pink series read this one after Pink IV, then that’s what we’ll do!  Here is Lauren’s quick run-down of what to expect in Pink V:

Who: Arabella Dempsey and Turnip Fitzhugh
Where: England
When: Christmas, 1803
What: When a mysterious Christmas pudding with a message shows up at an all girls’ school in Bath, neither Arabella nor Turnip have any idea that it will lead them on the path to adventure—and romance.
Historical Cameos: Jane Austen

Since this is the only Pink book without Eloise and Colin, let’s begin with a letter to our heroine, Miss Arabella Dempsey, from her dear friend Jane Austen who awaits Arabella’s arrival in Bath.  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “The Mischief of the Mistletoe

  1. Mistletoe is my favorite, for several reasons, not least because I won an autographed ARC and was able to read it early. Lauren is such a generous author in many ways. By the time this came along, Turnip had developed quite a following. Many of us were clamoring for more Turnip, and Lauren graciously obliged. How lovely that this was her RITA winner.

    I would like to suggest that we also go to her website and read Ivy and Intrigue, a Very Selwick Christmas. Also don’t forget that Mary has spied Turnip chopping down a tree !

  2. Looking forward to this since it is one of my favorites! I read “Ivy and Intrigue” before Christmas to get my holiday fix for December.

  3. Sheila, it is so cool that you received the ARC! I am starting to feel like I am getting to know you from all of our hanging out around the same places related to Lauren’s books. 🙂 I agree that she is extremely kind and generous in all ways. I can’t even believe that she is so accessible.

    I am excited for this re-read! I haven’t yet gone and re-read Ivy and Intrigue, although I have it on my kindle.

    Ashley, can you please remind me what chapters we are going to be covering each week? I want to try to keep up but maybe also try not to go ahead. But we shall see about that!

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