A Pink V Revision


I wondered what I would post about today, and I’ve just been rereading the chapters where Arabella, Jane and Turnip go to the frost fair at Farley Castle. The idea of a frost fair sounds so picturesque, doesn’t it? Beautiful castle ruins, the chance of snow, warm Christmas food and spiced wine, string quartets playing carols. But then reality (*literally* the cold kind) sets in – the weather quickly zaps any romantic notions of what the day could have been like, and everyone is forced to acknowledge that they suffered through awfully long rides in open carriages to mingle in the freezing cold with the same people they see at every other social gathering.

There are ALL sorts of interesting happenings at Farley Castle, but we’ll go into more detail about them on Friday. Today, I thought you might like to read another of Lauren’s outtakes. Evidently, Lauren originally planned to have Arabella invite her youngest sister Lavinia to the frost fair rather than Jane. She changed her mind in order to expand Jane’s role in the story, and what we miss out on is a scene where Lavinia suffers from acute motion sickness on the carriage ride.

Check out the scene here on Lauren’s website.

What did you think? I have to admit, I am conflicted.

On the one hand, I really like the original. My reasoning:

  • I’m totally with Lauren on this one when she says that this scene shows Turnip at his most lovable. He is SO kind to Lavinia, even after she has “cast her accounts” all over his boots. I love when he tells Lavinia the story of Sally ruining one of his waistcoats years ago, and how he doesn’t hold it against her at all. He is so guileless and charming.
  • You get the impression in the previous chapters that Arabella regrets the fact that her sisters have grown up without her. These scenes give you a quick glimpse of how grateful Lavinia is for sisterly attention, and how different their relationship could have been if Arabella hadn’t gone to live with her aunt.

On the other hand:

  • It’s hard to get excited about a scene that includes so much vomiting.
  • I’m not sure how the scene in the chapel where Arabella and Turnip find the second pudding would have worked without Jane. I feel like Lavinia would not have been as subtle as Jane in distracting the chevalier.
  • This is nitpicky, but I STROGNLY dislike that Arabella refers to Lavinia at one point by the pet name “Lavvy.” In my mind that comes out sounding like an abbreviation for “lavatory” rather than a nickname for a little sister.

What did you think?

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