Pink V Covers

Did I mention that Brad (sweetheart that he is) bought me the UK Allison & Busby editions of Pink I-VII for Christmas? Therefore, the copy of Mistletoe that I have been reading this month looks like this:

mistletoe UK

There have been two American covers that are very similar:

 mistletoe  Mistletoe paperback
Dutton hardcover NAL paperback


But there was an early (and mercifully brief) idea of using this for the cover of Pink V:

Mistletoe cover all wrong

No, no, and no. It’s not that I don’t like this painting. I do. I liked it VERY much when it was used for Pink II. But we can’t just go recycling Pink cover girls. That is not the done thing – I believe Turnip would say there was something jolly rum about it, and I am sure he would protest the idea of Arabella not being distinctive in her own way.

The painting that Dutton and NAL decided to use in the end is “Jeune fille au manchon et à la branche de houx” (or “Girl with the muff and holly branch”) by François Martin-Kavel.

Mistletoe cover painting

If the model’s face looks a little familiar, it’s probably because Martin-Kavel is also the artist of “A Summer Rose” (the painting used for the final Pink II cover). He was a prolific painter of landscapes, still lifes, flowers, and portraits who was born in Paris in 1861. He was a Member and regular exhibitor at the Salon des Artistes Français, and he won a medal for his paintings in 1881.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of detail available about the painting – either its creation or its current whereabouts. The last I can tell, this painting was sold at an auction by Sotheby’s in 1993. No information is available about the buyer, so I have no idea if it was a private collector or not. It looks like the average price for one of his paintings at auction is about $12,000.

So, what do you think? Does this “Jeune fille” look like Arabella to you?  Which cover is your favorite?

14 thoughts on “Pink V Covers

  1. I think that the UK Version is stunning but not my idea of Arabella and the idea one was too sensual, or something…. not sure if either of those women would have been easily forgotten!

  2. I love the girl with the muff because that is exactly how I picture Arabella although during this re-read I have noticed she is actually blonde and prob looks more like the UK cover girl. I didn’t remember the blonde description and have always thought she was brunette (I think it’s the “hair-colored hair” description. It brings to mind an indeterminate shade of brown) Is it just me? Does anyone else have trouble seeing Arabella as a blonde??

    • I think I saw Arabella’s hair color as being like mine. My driver’s license says “blonde,” but I’ve always thought it was a really indeterminate brown. Like Arabella says, it’s not remarkable – not shiny gold, not strawberry blonde, it just IS. I’m right with you, Bekah.

      • Me too. Ash blonde, although my kids say my hair is brown. I’m not sure the jeune fil is quite how I picture Arabella, but close.

  3. And after observing that Arabella was, indeed, distinctive in her own way, I think Turnip would promptly march out and find an artist to paint Arabella’s portrait, perhaps with a pudding mold in her hand.

    I like the Dutton hardcover best, because the expression on the woman’s face looks the way I picture Arabella looking at the end of the book- quietly, luminously happy.

  4. The Dutton hardcover is my very favorite. I think it is so lovely. It stopped my in my tracks one fateful day as i was walking out of a bookstore, and that is how I found this series.

    I am glad I am not the only one that doesn’t naturally picture Arabella as blonde. It jars me a bit each time I read something descriptive about her coloring being blonde. I can’t figure out why! Yet, I do think she probably does fairly closely resemble this cover.

    What a nice Christmas gift of all the books with the UK covers, Ashley! Thumbs up! 🙂

    • I am sure Brad will be glad to know his gifts have met with approval of the Pink crew. I didn’t know Mistletoe was where you started the series! Good for you 🙂 What an excellent starting point.

  5. Agree with all of you. I thought Arabella’s hair was a light brown – mousy comes to mind. And I like the girl with the mistletoe cover – either one. The UK cover is beautiful, but not what I pictured. Lucky you to have the UK collection, Ashley.

    As an aside, The Victorian Trading Company has pillows with this and A Summer Rose (Pink II). Knocked my socks off when I saw them!

  6. I love the Dutton Mistletoe cover best of all Pinks… is so beautiful, so Arabella IMHO. There is a whole gaggle of teen Pink readers because my niece saw it on my bookshelf facing forward a few holidays ago, who says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover….

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