Pink VI Quote Contest: Submissions, please!

A contest idea from Betty…

In recognition of Lauren’s amazing writing style, here’s your chance to submit some of your favorite lines from Pink VI. It was so much fun to see what people selected from The Deception of the Emerald Ring. To start things off, I have selected a few of my own favorites. Please add your own, and Ashley will conduct a poll on February 24. A winner will be selected to receive a mug from Pink VI.

Charlotte: “I like books. They’re so much grander than real life.”

Robert: “You look like a lady in a medieval tapestry. All you need is a unicorn at your feet.”

Penelope’s comment on the ‘eligibles’: “They have no charm, no conversation, and most of them have no chins. Other than that it’s been scrumptious.”

Charlotte and Robert: “It was a fairytale kingdom, offered up for the taking.”

Henrietta: “You point. They run. Don’t worry! Yours isn’t loaded.”

4 thoughts on “Pink VI Quote Contest: Submissions, please!

  1. This is slightly long but “Nothing had gone the way it was supposed to. An actor played the King, the King played the fool, and Charlotte- his own, sweet, unworldly Charlotte- abandoned her tower to rout her dragons herself.”

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