Eloise and Pammy – Best Friends Forever

This post was written by guest blogger Susan Gorman.

ice cream

I just loved reading Betty’s post  about Friendships in Pink last week!  I enjoy how Lauren parallels Henrietta, Charlotte and Penelope’s relationships with the modern day friendship of Eloise and Pammy in The Temptation of the Night Jasmine.  Some of my favorite chapters in the novel occur in the modern story of Eloise and Colin.

Eloise recognizes the significance of Henrietta and Charlotte’s friendship as she reads their letters. She becomes immersed in the world of the Pink Carnation and all of its  intrigue.  Colin pulls Eloise out of the nineteenth century and takes her out to a local pub for dinner. The couple meets Colin’s ex Joan, her sister Sally and the Vicar at the pub. One of my favorite scenes is when Eloise overhears Joan and Sally chatting in the bathroom. Eloise hides in her stall and listens to Joan talking about Colin and his job. She thinks she heard Joan says the word “spies” – or was it “sty” (like pig sty)? Eloise’s imagination runs wild. She wonders if Colin is a spy, a modern day version of James Bond. Later that night, in true Nancy Drew fashion, Eloise sneaks into Colin’s office and looks through his papers and desk. Eloise finds hotel receipts from Dubai, scribbled notes, and foreign  language books. I laughed out loud when Eloise held up a torn piece of paper  in Colin’s handwriting  up to a light to see if it could help her figure out the missing words or provide a clue to Colin’s recent activity.

Eloise decides to call her best friend Pammy the next morning.  Eloise is convinced that Pammy would know what Colin did for a living. Instead of having a conversation about Colin, his job or the weather, the conversation morphs into a hysterical girlfriend discussion about men, ice cream and comparing men to ice cream flavors.  It’s the type of conversation that only two best friends can have and understand.

Click here if you would like to hear Lauren read the ice cream scene.  Isn’t the type of conversation that you can only have with your best friend?

Is your best friend like Pammy?  Eloise? Henrietta or Charlotte?


9 thoughts on “Eloise and Pammy – Best Friends Forever

  1. It is fun to have conversations with friends, that to the outside world look like nonsense. Nice blog. Loved Lauren reading the ice cream scene.

  2. Hi, Susan! I also loved Betty’s friendship post! And I particularly enjoy Colin and Eloise in this book, too! I don’t think my best friend is like Pammy, Eloise, or Charlotte. If I had to pick one of them that she would be the most like, it would be Henrietta.

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