The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

Hello, March! A new month means a new Pink book. I’m pleased to introduce you today to Abby, who is our moderator for the month of March and will be guiding us through our re-read of The Betrayal of the Blood Lily (AKA Pink VII). Without further ado, I will give you Abby in her own words.

blood lily

Hello, Pink Carnation readers! My name is Abby and I am looking forward to starting us on a new book, The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, which was first published in 2010. And I also want to thank Ashley for letting me lead discussion on my favorite Pink book.

So as a quick reminder, here is our Pink VII recap:

The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

Who: Penelope Deveraux Staines and Alex Reid

Where: India

When: Autumn, 1804

What: Exiled to India to allow the scandal of her hasty marriage time to die down, Penelope finds herself battling cobras, spies, and her own treacherous emotions.

Historical Cameos: Begum Johnson, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Alam, et cetera

I will do a longer introduction to the book and why it is my favorite on March 4, but right now, I want to start us off with the opening line: “The food of love isn’t music. It’s grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.” What do you think of this as an opening line? And what is your favorite recipe for making a grilled cheese sandwich?


10 thoughts on “The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

  1. Thanks again for moderating, Abby! And I do love this opening line for Pink VII, although I think my favorite opening line of all time has to be from Deanna Raybourn’s “Silent in the Grave.” Here it is: “To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband’s dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.” Love it 🙂
    Also, I am a BIG grilled cheese fan, no matter the recipe.

  2. Hi Abby! What I like about that opening line is that it reminds me of the original line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – “If music be the food of love, play on.” It made me laugh, especially being coupled with a grilled cheese sandwich – so typically Eloise.

    I had never heard of tomato on a grilled cheese sandwich until I married my husband. He absolutely has to have the gooey cheese sandwich opened, slathered with mayonaise, topped with a slice of tomato, then closed back up immediately so everything mushes together just so. Like Ashley, I love any kind of grilled cheese sandwich, but make mine by buttering the bread on both outsides and frying it in a pan so the cheese gets gooey. When I was a child, my mother used to make toasted cheese sandwiches in the oven.

    Really looking forward to the reread and discussion of this book!

  3. Hi, Abby! I love this opening line! It takes me right into the story, and I think Eloise has a supremely good point. Maybe we should just have a grilled cheese lovers party?! Seriously, I want a grilled cheese sandwich right now. Except, I am unable to have grains or dairy for a period of time so …pffft.

    Ashley, I also loved that Silent in the Grave opening! (And the book!) Betty, I think you nailed it. 🙂 Eloise is smart and educated, and she would just think a slightly irreverent and funny thought like that. Lauren’s writing is so rich. I don’t think I pick up on everything and I still adore it.

    Interesting that Betty has brought up the difference between grilled cheese versus toasted cheese sandwiches, because I have had debates about this. I say that grilled cheese sandwiches are cooked in a pan with the bread buttered. Not that I would turn down a toasted cheese sandwich, heh heh. I never knew you could make a grilled cheese sandwich with real cheese until I was an adult. We always used Velveeta “cheese” when I was a child. I didn’t know about tomatoes, either, but a dill pickle on the side was always a lovely bonus. Now, I am open to pretty much any type of grilled cheese sandwich. They have to be in the top 5 comfort foods. I don’t have a recipe.

    I am so happy to be doing this re-read with everyone!

    • I agree, Paige. to me grilled cheese sandwiches have to either be cooked in a pan or on a griddle – same difference. I would also say it is a comfort food. The only meal I would ever buy from our school cafeteria was grilled cheese and tomato soup, and I don’t even really like tomato soup. Together they were a comfort food, and this ‘grilled’ cheese was a toasted cheese – it would have to be to prepare several hundred at once. How about chocolate as another comfort food, or hot chocolate in winter?

      • Hot chocolate is 100 bazillion catrillion percent a comfort food! I even like it sometimes in the summertime at night. I am a chocolate fiend. I particularly like hot chocolate. I decided awhile back that Trader Joe’s instant hot cocoa mix was acceptable. It is a seasonal item and my family was amused at how I would obsessively buy boxes of it every week so we would always have a stash. It mixes up mighty fine in coffee. 🙂 (I am pretty big on mocha coffee drinks, both hot and cold, and chocolate shakes.) I think chocolate could be the number one comfort food; it has always been my friend and there for me.

  4. One of my favorites is grilled cheese and bacon and the bread needs to fresh sourdough bread….. Yummmmy with some homemade soup is the perfect meal!! If I’m feeling “healthy” I’ll put some fresh spinach on it while its cooking so it gets wilty. Just starting my re-read now since I’ve been in a reading funk everything seems to be rubbing me wrong so back to old favorites 🙂

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