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This post was (as the title suggests) written by Miss Eliza of Strange and Random Happenstance.

Greeting_1Ashley and I met because of our mutual love of Lauren Willig. Sometime last year she asked me what I thought of a yearlong Pink Carnation re-read leading up to the final book’s release. Seeing as I’ve been doing the monthly dream casting, the mugs, as well as the side banner design, I think you can guess my answer to her question. As soon as I was on board and throwing my design skills at her, she asked which book I would like to moderate. I said without hesitation, The Orchid Affair. Ashley was well pleased because that meant she got to do my other favorite book, The Mischief of the Mistletoe. The reason I chose this volume in the series is because I love how it brings Napoleon and the ramifications of the French Revolution back to the forefront. For five books the narrative hasn’t stepped on the shores of that benighted country. We have grown accustomed to flowery monikered spies in English drawing rooms. We have been removed from the reason these spies exist. This volume brings it all back, and in fact I would say more comprehensively covers what happened to France during this turbulent time period than any of the previous volumes.

Plus, there’s the whole fact that I really connect to this book on multiple levels. Let’s look to my background, I was raised in a publishing family, so there are the books, I have a BS in Art, hence loving the salons, and I have a minor in Theatre, covering the commedia dell’arte. What part of this book wasn’t written for me? Oh, and my last name, Lefebvre, French (kind of)! Plus I’m related, not in a direct line, to François Joseph Lefebvre, who happened to be the Duc de Dantzig and was one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire created by Napoleon and whose portrait at Versailles looks eerily like my Dad. This book touches every aspect of me, from genetics to interests to my very livelihood. Then there’s the fact that this takes the series in a new direction, it breaks the mold of what we have come to expect but still has the wit and humor that we’ve come to demand of Lauren’s books, and yes, we are a demanding fanbase.

And in a roundabout way it’s all because of Lauren that I have become a book blogger, Strange and Random Happenstance, check it out! The reason I started book blogging was quite literally to get Advance Reader Copies of books. Because, there is something so fun and more than a little bit gloat worthy of reading a book months before it’s out. Also, seriously, ARCs are pricey to buy on eBay, not that I’ve done that or anything she says with shifty eyes. But the ARCs I coveted above all else were Lauren’s. So yes, I made a blog to get ARCs from Dutton, but it has evolved and taken on a life of its own. I have been able to forge connections with some of my favorite authors, many of whom I now consider my friends, and help get the word out about their awesomeness. Because, seriously folks, it’s our jobs as readers to support our favorite authors, and that’s why Ashley and I (to bring it full circle) are more than willing to take a year out of our lives to celebrate Lauren. Everyone should know of this awesomeness and I hope to spend the next month sharing it with you.

9 thoughts on “Greetings from Miss Eliza

  1. Orchid Affair is one of my favorite Pink books,too. I enjoyed reading it for many of the same reasons you outlined above.
    I appreciate everyone’s efforts in the Year of Pink review. I will be sad after I read Jane’s story but I am glad we chose to celebrate Lauren’s series.
    Am hoping we can have a Facebook book club chat with everyone in August to talk about PinkXII .
    And I am going to pick up a mug or two…can’t decide which one as they are gorgeous!

  2. Greetings to you, Miss Eliza! I am so very glad that you have shared your skills and passion for this series and Lauren as an author. I am just delighted to have found this read along and community of special people who love these books and Lauren the way I do. I heartily second Sue’s Facebook book club chat request! And, yes, those mugs are fab. I have a thing for mugs as it is. I do truly want to be a supporter to my favorite authors, and Lauren is tops. I am looking forward to this month.

  3. We should do a facebook read along, like we did with That Summer last year, it was so much fun! I know St. Martin’s is thinking of doing it again with The Other Daughter, no reason we can’t do both! And thanks for liking the mugs! Despite not being a coffee drinker I too have a mug obsession, have had for many years.

  4. Kudos to your background, Miss Eliza – so very interesting! Am looking forward to this book also, as it is another of my favorites. After taking French in high school, I decided to major in French in college with the aim of teaching it one day. I had already taken two years of Latin, added Spanish my sophomore year, and at the urging of my Spanish professor, was scheduled to take Portuguese my junior year as well as living in the French dorm (a must for all language majors, where only French was to be spoken – yes I have a love of languages). But alas! I met a dashing Marine officer, got married, and left college behind for the moment. Years later I ended up an elementary school teacher, but my love of French has never left.

    I agree that it was time to get back to France, although there was so much evil going on. Another friend and I have thought that the books began to get a little darker with Temptation of the Night Jasmine, Blood Lily, and now Orchid Affair. I think it added another dimension to Lauren’s already fabulous books. Am really looking forward to this month!

  5. P.S.~ I have zero background in French. I don’t know how many of the words in the book are pronounced, including the last names of the main characters. Hooray for my handy dandy Kindle Whispersync audio book feature. 🙂

    • That is an awesome thing to discover. Seriously, before the Harry Potter movies, you should have heard my pronunciations of the characters. I totally thought Snape was pronounced Snap.

  6. This book is one of my favorites. I agree that with the Night Jasmine the books get darker but I was glad that there is still a lot of humor.

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