Pink VIII Giveaway


It’s time for our monthly Pink for All Seasons giveaway!  Today, I’m putting a signed copy of The Orchid Affair up for grabs.  But let’s switch it up a bit this time, shall we?

I will give you two opportunities to enter your name in the drawing.  First, as usual, comment below to enter.  For a second entry, in honor of Laura Grey and Rachel Woodley (the heroine of Lauren’s upcoming release The Other Daughter), share your favorite governess books!

You will have until midnight EST on April 9 to comment below to enter.  I will let the Random Number Generator work its magic and announce a winner on Friday.  Good luck, everyone!

22 thoughts on “Pink VIII Giveaway

  1. I’m really enjoying “The Orchid Affair” this second read-through. Actually, I have it on CD, and the French accent adds a lot to my understanding of the story. I “saw” the names differently when I read it in print. When the reader says them properly, it gives a different flavor to the story.

  2. Favorite governess story… I’m going to propose “Airs Above The Ground” by Mary Stewart. Vanessa March isn’t really a governess, but she is “taking care” of Tim Lacy because his mother won’t let him go to Austria without someone there to keep an eye on him. Tim doesn’t need it, but he and Vanessa make a great team when they go searching for Vanessa’s husband, Lewis at the Wagner circus.

  3. I NEED this one!!! Of course, my favorite governess book is Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. Could there be any other Governess? If you only saw the Disney movie and didn’t read the book, you are missing so much! One could include Little Women since Meg and Jo both worked as governesses, and If we REALLY squeezed, Emma by Jane Austen since Jane Fairfax was to “go out as a governess”, but I digress.

  4. I follow! I can’t think of any governess stories off the top of my head but I thought it was really interesting seeing minor characters put into the spot light, no one probably noticed Miss Grey at the Sedgwick Spy School earlier in the series.

    • I did notice this on the reread, but hadn’t remembered it when I first read Orchid Affair. I believe I asked Lauren a question about it, way back regarding book planning – but maybe it was only in my thoughts.

  5. This is the only book in the series that I am missing so a signed copy would be sublime. Jane Eyre is my favorite governess.

  6. Jane Eyre ranks as the favorite governess book. Sarah M. Eden also has a governess story in the Jonquil family series that I enjoyed, Drops of Gold.

  7. I enjoyed The Orchid Affair because it combined the governess plot along with a hero whose loyalties are not what they seem. I really like that plot as well.

  8. Miss Slighcarp is not a governess you would want for your children but Joan Aiken’s The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a favorite book of mine. And I do not have a signed copy of Orchid Affair!

  9. I have enjoyed “Drops of Gold” by Sarah Eden, “By Winter’s Light” by Stephanie Laurens, and I also put my vote in for “Jane Eyre”. (I only have a Kindle version of this volume. A hardcopy would be wonderful!)

  10. Julie Klassen’s the Silent Governess is a wondeful read, and a recent favorite. Also, I would definitely agree with Jane Eyre and Mary Poppins. Must go back to reread the Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart books mentioned here.

    I have a signed copy, so don’t need this – just follow and enjoy the blog.

  11. Wow! Another riveting installment. I just love great historical fiction with a mysterious and romantic twist. I love following your blog, reading all about Willig’s books.

  12. Ooh yay 🙂 I devoured this one (yeah.. like, before the month even started.. guess I “caught up.” My favorite governess story… I’m not sure I have one. I love the concept and am drawn to those story’s, but picking a favorite off the top of my head is kinda hard. And.. I’ll have to check out the ones mentioned above!

  13. The Orchid Affair is my favorite Willig book! I’d love to win a copy! My favorite governess story would have to be Mary Poppins!

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