Pink X Week 1 in Review

This post was written by Paige.

PlumeriaSharlene2Graphic by Sharlene

Hello, Everyone! Did you enjoy the first few chapters of Pink X as much as I did? So much happened! This was not my first reread of this book, and I still found myself engrossed and discovering new things this time. I will keep myself focused on a couple of main things that I particularly love about this book.

The number one thing that captured my attention in this section was Miss Gwen. Specifically, the opening line of chapter one: “The spy wore purple.” That whole paragraph scooped me up and gripped me. “Only amateurs wore black. Miss Gwendolyn Meadows knew that the Paris night wasn’t a flat black, but a deep purple, comprised of a hundred shades of shadow.” I could read that a bazillion times. That was a perfect summary of my Miss Gwen and one of my favorite lines ever written. I am not the type to memorize passages from books, but that line is one that I will always remember. The first time I read this opening scene was likely when I knew Miss Gwen was my hero. She was Danger Girl, that Purple Parasol-Wielding Dragon. I loved her.

Then, when she returns triumphantly after evading pursuers by running through alleys, leaping off a balcony, and using her “cane” as a weapon, comes the hint that things may not be all well between Miss Gwen and her charge, Miss Jane Wooliston (known to a select few as The Pink Carnation). And we are given the glimpses of the practically unthinkable – that Miss Gwen was once not Miss Gwen, but a young attractive woman. Something happened that left her dependent upon her family. There is more to this adventurer Miss Gwendolyn Meadows than we know, and that is what we can bet on at this point.

The moment that Colonel Reid first meets Miss Gwen is one that I particularly enjoyed. Can’t you just picture her striding forward like an Amazonian queen, her voice ringing imperiously through the hall? There is no cute-meet for Miss Gwen and Colonel Reid. I have a feeling after getting to know him in these first few chapters that he wouldn’t have had it any other way. She is impressive, yet he is not overcome. He matches her wit for wit. Don’t you love the humorous banter? Who else would dare to wink at Miss Gwen? Who else would want to? Who else would scoff at her being old? Who else would see beyond her carefully cultivated persona? Oh, watch out for your heart, Gwendolyn Meadows. We are all cheering for this shrewd rogue!

Does it get any better than the hero flinging himself in the way of a carriage hurtling towards the heroine, throwing her out of the way of danger, and protecting her by using his own body as a shield? Heavens, no! And that is exactly what Colonel Reid does for Miss Gwen. Hooray, hooray, hooray! How could we do anything but love him? Gwen is already fighting her attraction, but it is inevitable. Yet, there is some backstory I want to find out about on his side, as well. Why does he feel so much as if he has made a bed that he must lie in? Why does he have such an assortment of children, with some being illegitimate?

Not to be outdone, in the modern storyline, Colin and Eloise are starting their search for the lost jewels of Berar, which legend says are hidden at Selwick Hall. What?! And they have to cooperate with the horrible and despicable Jeremy, who is both Colin’s cousin and step-father? Can there really be a Moon of Berar? Something bad has got to be slated to happen down the line. Jeremy is too awful for anything other than that to happen, right?

One of my favorite things about this book is the way that before each chapter there is a related excerpt from The Convent of Orsino, by A Lady. They are brilliant. Does anyone else want to read The Convent of Orsino? What a book. The chaperone is the real heroine of the piece. Sound like anyone we know? Maybe someone with a purple parasol?

What were some of your thoughts as you read this week? Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Pink X Week 1 in Review

  1. I’ve loved every bit of these chapters!! There’s so much that is teased at, so much I want to learn about both of tgem.. and I LOVE getting to know Miss Gwen more.

  2. Gwen is a great heroine (once you get use to the idea!!) and I’m in love with Colonel Reid, I loved him when we first met him and was sad to see him leave the first time we met him

    • Isn’t it great that we get more of Colonel Reid? I agree that it was a bit unusual to think of Miss Gwen as being a heroine at first. It sure didn’t take Lauren long in this book to make us see it, though!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Yes, the flying monkeys are genius! I completely agree, that would be spectacular! (Especially after Colonel Reid’s suggestions for the storyline) Although I laugh about the flying monkeys, I also have to admit that the flying monkeys in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, still scare me. I wonder if Miss Gwen’s flying monkeys would talk in The Convent of Orsino?

  3. Miss Gwen and Capt. Reid remind me of Beatrice and Benedick from Much Ado About nothing, who are probably my all time favorite romantic couple. The verbal sparring is just so witty and fun to read. Brava, Lauren!

    • Dara, that is really interesting! They do remind me of Beatrice and Benedick, now that you point that out! I bet that similarity is not an accident. Isn’t Lauren fabulous?! She writes the best dialogue, and this verbal sparring is especially excellent!

  4. What struck me when I first read this book was the fact that Miss Gwen is much younger than I had pictured and more attractive. With the reread I was more ready for this side of Gwen and love her story with William Reid. They are both great characters who deserve some happiness. The banter is outstanding. Thanks for the great reacap, Paige.

    • Thanks, Betty! Miss Gwen sure surprised us, right?! I am just blown away at how believable Lauren wrote this so that we completely buy-in to this younger and more attractive Miss Gwen. I think that Gwen and Colonel Reid are both really amazing characters, too. They are so easy to root for and I find them so compatible, which is what I think makes their banter so enjoyable.

  5. I just started my re-read over the weekend but I totally agree with Paige about that opening to Chapter 1 – epic! 🙂

    • Hooray, Bekah! I adore that opening! And how fabulous is the graphic that Sharlene made with it that is at the top of the post?

      • Yes, Sharlene’s graphics are amazing! I have loved them ever since she posted for the recaps before the release of this book! So detailed.

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