Pink X Week 2 in Review

Good morning, and happy Friday!  Before we get down to business, we have a winner for the signed copy of Pink X: Debra Callaway.  Debra, if you will email your address to, I will get your prize in the mail to you.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your favorite Miss Gwen moments!  And speaking of our heroine, I will let Paige take over from here with her Pink recap.

plumeria flower2

Hello again, everyone! I suspect you might have found this week’s reading as captivating as I did. There was so much that happened in chapters 6-12! I found myself doing most of my reading for this section on my Kindle, and I found myself doing a lot of highlighting.

I have always enjoyed the modern Colin and Eloise story. I particularly like how the Colin and Eloise storyline continues throughout the series and also how it frames the historical storylines. I am quite attached to them and feel a vested interest in their relationship. Eloise has just had the unpleasant realization that Colin may have some neuroses, and she may be helping to reinforce them. Eloise and Colin spend a lot of time and attention on Colin’s family history. Now that Colin’s Aunt, Mrs. Selwick-Alderly, has pointed out that Colin can’t make Selwick Hall a tribute to his father, Eloise considers what her inadvertent role might have been in keeping Colin tied to Selwick Hall.  Furthermore, Colin and Eloise have still not meaningfully discussed what will happen with their relationship once Eloise leaves England to go back to America in two months. Mrs. Selwick-Alderly has now manipulated the situation so that Jeremy will not only be driving Colin and Eloise back to Selwick Hall, but he will be staying there with them while they join forces and cooperate on finding the legendary lost jewels of Berar. With Jeremy around, who knows when they will ever get a chance to have a meaningful discussion?

Speaking of Mrs. Selwick-Alderly, I continue to find her fascinating. Eloise refers to her as a fairy godmother Obviously, she was instrumental in not only giving Eloise access to the family archives so that she could continue her Pink Carnation research, but also in doing some matchmaking for Colin and Eloise. Additionally, she always seems to know more than she reveals. I think of her as being like the sassy Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella fairy godmother. Sometimes, I think she is a bit like Miss Gwen. She has something in her voice that quells even Jeremy, and she says things majestically, similar to Miss Gwen. Then again, Eloise observes that she is “always at her most dangerous when she was at her most serene,” which reminds me of Jane.  Whatever the case may be, she is clearly a kind, shrewd, and strong woman. I was secretly hoping that she was going to be the leader of some modern day espionage ring.  Similar to Eloise, I now see a spy in every Selwick!

Mrs. Selwick-Alderly revealed that Colonel Reid’s youngest daughter married Richard’s son! Can you even begin to imagine that wedding and reception? Or the family events and occasions throughout the years? Another piece of key information she imparted was that the clue to the missing jewels was in Miss Gwen’s book, The Convent of Orsino, which had originally been titled The Perils of Plumeria. Finally, Eloise knows who Plumeria was! We left off with Colin and Jamie, I mean Jeremy, beginning to at least speak with each other. I really want Coln and Eloise to talk and get things all out in the open, how about you?

Back in 1805, things have gotten intense with Miss Gwen and Colonel Reid. During the five days that Miss Gwen spends tending Colonel Reid’s wound and nursing him back to health, they become William and Gwen to each other. William is delirious with fever and in his hallucinations he thinks Gwen is Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and good fortune. I thought that the dream sections were a clever way to both show some of their deeper character attributes as well as some more of their backstories. I also thought it was a feasible way for them to end up cuddling on the same bed one night. Did this work well as a story element for you? What about the next morning, when Miss Gwen is horrified to wake up next to a “naked” man with his arm around her and tries to reconcile that action with her image of herself? They go back to being The Colonel .and Miss Gwen to each other, which I found heartbreaking, although understandable considering the information that we now know about Gwen’s past and her emotional defense mechanisms. She believes that the only thing constant about the male sex is their inconstancy. When in doubt, she resorts to sarcasm, and right now Miss Gwen is starting to have many doubts about who she is, I think. The girl she thought was long gone, the girl she tells herself is long gone, is starting to show herself. Miss Gwen wants to comfort Colonel Reid, but she stifles the urge and convinces herself that she cannot afford to be incautious. We know better, don’t we?

The Chevalier de la Tour d’Argent is causing some confusion for Miss Gwen as well as for me. What is going on with Jane and The Chevalier? He is flirting with her, and she appears to be flirting back. Miss Gwen is convinced that this flirting is beyond what Jane has typically done in the past as part of the Pink Carnation duties. Jane only admits to wanting to keep her enemy close. At this point in the story, I am not feeling confident of that. Miss Gwen has worked with Jane closely for the previous two years and has known her for most of her life; the two of them have a special bond. Wouldn’t Miss Gwen know if something was unusual about Jane’s actions? Why does she have a “slight sense of impending doom?” I know that I don’t like or trust the Chevalier. I am glad that Jane is suggesting that they invite Colonel Reid to also accompany them to the opera. Let’s let Miss Gwen pretend that the only reason she wants him to be invited is so he can keep an eye on Jane while Miss Gwen checks Fiorila’s dressing room.

My favorite quote during this section was Jane telling Miss Gwen, “You yourself once told me to keep one’s enemies close enough to poke with a parasol.” I like that. Did any quotes stick out to you this week? What about the chapters would you like to discuss?

Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!

10 thoughts on “Pink X Week 2 in Review

  1. I would really love to know about Mrs. Selwick-Alderly’s life. We know she was in India at one point, and her home decor indicates other travels. I would just love to hear her story in full. I’m sure it is fascinating.

    • I think she has a fascinating story, too, Dara! She seems like she has a wisdom that comes with life experience. I was so sad when she was telling them that she wasn’t doing well. I think it is a good sign that she can still look impish at times. She sure did know how to maneuver things so that Colin and Jeremy would work together. It must be difficult for her to see them at odds with each other.

      • That’s right, Amanda! We still don’t know exactly how much his father did, do we? Yes, I definitely also want to know that!

    • I also have always wanted to know more about her. She alludes in Blood Lily to having once started a novel on her research on Indian history, perhaps Colin’s interest in writing also comes from her?
      Do we know if she knows about his novel?

      • Abby, I forgot about her novel! Now I wonder if she knows about Colin’s. You have a great memory! This adds to her depth of character, I think. Maybe that was a part of the reason she was interested in helping Eloise-she has that research and writing history. What a great point you had!

  2. So many interesting possibilities for future stories, ladies. We just must convince Lauren to continue. I would like to read about all of those mentioned. I love Mrs. Selwick-Alderley. She must really hurt for the way Jeremy turned out. He seems like such a self-serving jerk. Can’t even imagine him thinking it would be all right to marry Colins mother.

    • I like how you think, Betty! Yes, we need more stories! 🙂 I was hoping that Jeremy would turn out to be different than what he appeared, but I am starting to think that he is really just horrible. Yet, maybe he can start turning a leaf. The whole bit about him marrying Colin’s mother under those circumstances is difficult to fathom or accept.

      I enjoy this modern storyline so much. In the historical stories, my favorite character is Lady Uppington. I REALLY want more stories with her. I think her background story would be fascinating. Lord Uppington was probably quite dashing. I seriously love them.

  3. I love the interaction between Col. Reid and Miss Gwen while he’s resigned to the bed. When he protests to her bathing him, her response is awesome “Would you rather I let you stink?” They are so perfectly matched!

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