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Good morning!

I’ve been enjoying reading Paige’s recaps and the conversations that everyone is having about these last few chapters of The Passion of the Purple Plumeria. It seems like a lot of us were really struck by how much Jane has been withholding from Miss Gwen and the ways that this revelation affected our plucky heroine. I remember reading this section for the first time and being surprised and (okay, nobody throw anything at me) a little disappointed. Jane seemed so cold! Coming right on the heels of a pretty definitive brush-off when Augustus tried to declare himself, my affection for Jane wavered. This made me very, very nervous.

Taking yet another trip through Lauren’s Pink archives calmed me down a bit. Two years ago, when Pink X was in the pre-publication stages, Lauren shared a “mega-outtake” of the book on her site. This outtake was a big chunk of Purple Plumeria’s Chapter Nine, and it was written from Jane’s perspective. Evidently, Lauren’s original plan was to have several chapters in Pink X written from Jane’s point of view, but then she realized that having Jane’s voice in the mix took the focus away from Miss Gwen and Colonel Reid.

Having read the outtake, I agree with Lauren’s choice, but I’m also relieved. Thanks to that outtake and the excerpt of Pink XII at the end of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla, I’m feeling much more sanguine about Jane. I’m confident that Jane’s story is going to be a great one, and that some of her actions that seemed questionable when we saw them through our other heroines’ eyes will be clarified. Basically, I can’t wait for August.

What do you all think?

14 thoughts on “Jane in Pink X

  1. I haven’t read the outtake (yet..will have to remedy that), but I feel like I trust Lauren enough as a storyteller that I am pretty forgiving when a character seems (like Jane did in these instances) different than I expect. But they did give me the sense of her being somewhat more oblivious to others emotional states than I had expected from her.

    • That’s it, Alli – I was just so surprised that she seemed indifferent to the fact that she had hurt Miss Gwen’s feelings. And I know she was trying to cut Augustus off to spare him his dignity, but she still seemed pretty cold to me in that scene.

      • Totally.. I was surprised but I also started to frame her a bit differently and think about it critically. Was she really surprised at how it hurt Gwen, or was she expecting that and doing it on purpose because she’d decided that she needed to go on her own — so scared from the possibility of her sister being kidnapped that she had to distance herself. And, knowing Gwen as she did, knowing that she might have to be a little cruel to help make that separation easier (for both of them?)

    • Yes, I think Jane was being a bit cruel to be kind. She has a method and rationale for everything she does. I love Jane.

  2. Oh I’m so glad you linked that! That definitely puts Jane into a different perspective. Though I think I’m glad that we didn’t get Jane’s side of the story in this book. I think it would have been confusing – and having to wait for her thoughts makes me more excited for the Moonflower.

  3. I have to say, Jane has never been my favorite of all the characters. I love her brilliant mind, but I like a little more emotion with my strategy. I am looking forward to seeing how Jack shakes her up a bit.

  4. Did anyone else think of Sense and Sensibility and the Dashwood sisters during the “confrontation” scene between Gwen and Jane? I thought that Jane was a bit like Elinor in that she doesn’t outwardly express her emotions.

  5. Thank you for bringing this up, Ashley! I think I wasn’t all that surprised by the scenes you wrote about, but then I always found Jane a little distant, though perhaps that is why she took to masterminding so much intrigue so easily. So here’s something I hadn’t ever thought of before- has Gwen actually always been as integral to Jane’s plans as she thought she was, and is Jane now suggesting that she isn’t as a way of introducing the separation necessary between them for Jane’s latest set of plans and to also keep her safe? Jane is so very worried in this book about family members becoming hostages.

  6. And of course, Jane has to think about the whole organization. Miss Gwen is increasingly out of control, close to blowing everyone’s cover with her antics. Jane HAS to rein her in, and Miss Gwen won’t just scale back she has to be completely diverted. Even if it hurts Jane as much as it hurts Gwen. Jane has to be the cool, rational one. Lives, many lives, depend on her not giving in to sentiment. She has to grow a hard shell, even if she’s bleeding inside.

  7. I am also one who has not always been a fan of Jane’s . She is entirely too calm and seemingly unaffected by the feelings of others. Of course in Garden Intrigue, Augustus was really meant for Emma, and in Plumeria Gwen deserves to finally have a loving relationship. Those facts are the only things that saved Jane in my mind.

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