Pink X Week 4 in Review

This is, somehow, Paige’s last post for Pink X.  In addition to sharing your thoughts about the end of the book, please join me in saying a big THANK YOU to Paige for her guidance through this month.  She has done a great job!

plumeriaSharlene3Graphic by Sharlene (and coat of arms designed by Pink reader Shelli Armstrong)

Happy Friday, everyone! Doesn’t it seem impossible that this is the final recap for The Passion of the Purple Plumeria? These past four weeks and 400-plus pages of this novel have flown by. It has been my favorite reread of this book, and that is because I was able to share the experience with fellow Pink fans. Reading is typically a solitary adventure and I am naturally a bit of a loner. The fact that I am typing this as part of a group reread in a public forum speaks to how much I love Pink and how much this series has meant for so many of us. For different reasons, it has touched us enough to reread these books and discuss them with “virtual” strangers. It has been great becoming acquainted during this read along. I am fond of the discussions that we have had over the past 10 months, and I am looking forward to more as we move into Pink XI and XII.

As I was reading these final chapters, the highlight for me was the reappearance of familiar characters. I loved seeing Amy and Richard, Miles and Henrietta, and Stiles again! For real, as soon as I read anything about floppy blond hair or ginger biscuits I get extremely excited. When the Purple Gentian himself shows up, forget about it, I practically swoon. How about you? Who were you most excited to see again?

The thing that makes this so huzzah-worthy is that it is done in such a natural way. Of course, Selwick Hall would be the logical place to run into Richard and Amy, and the characters had such a plausible reason for going there. And, of course, Dorrington Court is practically in the neighborhood, certainly on the way to Selwick Hall in Sussex if one was traveling in a carriage from Brighton and had to find a shortcut due to being attacked by brigands. It is gloriously perfect. There is no stretching of plot and no gratuitous characters showing up to be scene hogs. There was a purpose for everyone to have been there. Clearly, we want to see our beloved characters again, whenever we can. I should probably put my fan girl pom-poms away, but Lauren did this so cleverly. And a spy school! In books about spies! The possibilities are endless.

What did you think about the reappearance of those earlier characters? Did Lauren not get them perfectly? In a version of Dream Casting, what character(s) would you most like to see again?

Personally, I am tickled and delighted that Colin is also descended from Miss Gwen, and that Miss Gwen and Colonel Reid’s youngest daughter is named Plumeria and marries Richard’s son. I am delighted that the copy of Convent of Orsino is Plumeria’s tower and holds the jewels of Berar for Colin and Eloise…and Jeremy. I particularly like this quote, “Colin’s ancestors, like all avid readers, were book double stackers.” Hello! Can we get double stacker tee shirts or something? I always thought the double stacking was my own little secret, but now I am part of a cool tribe!

I hope that you have an excellent weekend! Next week, we have Miss Eliza’s Dream Casting on the 29th, so get your casting lists together so we can have Pink Fight Club, ha ha ha. Then, on the 30th we have Ask the Author with Lauren!

12 thoughts on “Pink X Week 4 in Review

  1. There is a reason I ignored the need for sleep and plowed through the end of this book earlier this month! Loved the appearance of old characters, especially seeing it all from the perspective of people outside those inner circles!

    • Isn’t it crazy when you can’t stop reading at night yet you don’t want to reach the end of the book? This book was a crazy page turner for me, too! You just reminded me of the great outsider perspective we got.

  2. I love it when a series author writes old characters back in, it’s like saying hello to old friends. My favourite was that our Purple Gentian (did anyone else notice we had two Purples?) was complaining about dents in the wallpaper! Oh, how the mighty have fallen 🙂

    • Yes! The wallpaper! Loved it! The Purple Gentian is going to be the best father! LOL
      I did notice the two Purples! It is an excellent color. 😉

  3. How I am going to miss this book! I loved the insight into Ms. Gwen and I am so glad she charged in to demand her own book! I also love the way Lauren worked Ms. Gwen into Colin’s heritage. I love the way Col. Reid noticed her when no one else did, and I found it interesting that although Gwen was essential to the operation she was still second class to the others…that bothered me to no end, was it because she kept them at arms length? That may be a question for Lauren.

    Thanks Paige for your wonderful insights.

  4. Enjoyed your walk through of the book, Paige. thanks for all of your witty and exuberant comments. I loved this story, meeting the old characters, and a look forward to Jane.

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