Pink XI Week 2 in Review

This post was written by Dara.

Manzanilla flower

Cambridge, 2004: Things are not going quite as Eloise had hoped. The reunion with Colin is awkward, her dissertation meeting ends with the direction to rewrite, Colin is acting strange (even for him) and the much anticipated Halloween party ends with those dreaded four words, “We need to talk.”

London, 1806: Lucien arrives at the Fitzhugh mansion to find Sally leading the investigator on a merry romp in her statement regarding the previous night’s murder. The investigator, one Sir Matthew, was the investigator on Lucien’s parents’ murder and holds quite a prejudice against Lucien. Sally accompanies (which really means pushes, prods and drags) Lucien to the theater to see if the murdered woman is an actress whose murder was set to frame Lucien. At the theater, they discover none other than Lucien’s former tutor and friend, Sherry, is the proprietor. After a tense interview, Sherry leaves Sally and Lucien to search the actress’s dressing room, where they find some very steamy love letters from Miss Logan’s protector hidden in her jewel box. When they return to their carriage, they find the seat strewn with manzanilla leaves and threats.

So despite all the exciting developments in these chapters, my absolute, hands-down favorite part is Parsnip covered in jam. Lauren is brilliant, I tell you! What is your favorite part? What do you think about how things are shaping up in our mystery?

11 thoughts on “Pink XI Week 2 in Review

  1. So this is a first time read for me and it’s so much more than I expected! I just started reading this week and I’ve flown thru the first 14 chapters. Need to try and pace myself for the rest of the book. I literally laugh out loud at the Fitzhugh’s butler every time!!! I really like the how the mystery of Lucien’s parents death is shaping up. I can’t wait to see which spies we encounter!

  2. I feel like I missed something. We are recapping thru chap. 14 right? Because in the section I read, the modern section hasn’t got to the Halloween party and the historical part didn’t end with the leaves on the carriage seat. 😦 Am I the only one confused?

  3. I appologize everyone for mixing the chapters for today’s review up. There hasn’t been a Halloween part yet (spoiler alert!) and we leave Sally and Lucien betrothed after a rather confusing encouter in the Fitzhugh’s front hall that includes no less than one stoat and one Mrs. Gwendolyn Reid. (The jury is still out on which is more dangerous.) I apologize for and confusion I caused and blame it on the large amounts of Benedryl I have been taking this week to combat allergies.

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