Giveaway Surprise!


Oh my friends, do I have a treat for you today.

You have perhaps been wondering if I had a blonde moment and completely forgot to do a giveaway for a signed copy of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla. I didn’t forget. Promise. I will be running that giveaway next Monday, and I have something WONDERFUL to offer up today.

Lauren has donated a signed ARC of The Lure of the Moonflower for a giveaway.

I’ll just let you process that for a second.

Yes, you read correctly. Not only does Lauren’s The Other Daughter release tomorrow (get excited, BTW – it’s amazing), but you have a chance today to get your hands on a copy of Pink XII, signed by Lauren, before it hits the shelves in two weeks.

To enter the giveaway, comment below and answer me this: What’s your favorite idea for a Pink spin-off? Is it a series about the children of the Pink cast solving mysteries in the 1830s and 40s? Is it Colin and Eloise traveling to research Colin’s spy novels and stumbling upon modern mysteries of their own? Is it a multi-generational saga about the Reids? Maybe it’s something completely different. Whatever it is, I want to know! If you’d like to be entered twice for the giveaway, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or whatever other platform you choose, and just let me know in your comment.

The giveaway starts right this minute, and it will be open until midnight EST on Wednesday. I will announce the lucky winner on Thursday. Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Giveaway Surprise!

    • I would too. I think Lauren said at one point that she saw Laura and Andre having children, and Gabrielle could probably provide an entire series all by herself.

  1. I also think reading about everyone’s children would be fun! Then we could occasionally see what the original characters are up to.

  2. its a pity that Miss Gwen doesn’t have a son, I’d love to see him matched up with Parsnip. Could you see Turnip and Miss Gwen as in-laws?

  3. I want Charlotte and Robert to take a holiday in Russia and solve the mystery there!
    And I apologize for not posting as much this summer. I have been reading along but traveling a lot so I don’t have access to the full webpage as much. Thank goodness I get the posts in my email so I can keep up with them!

  4. Lucien and Sally in America. It was on this ‘re-read that I remembered how much I love Sally. Great personality and clever. A little voodoo and mystery perhaps in New Orleans?

  5. Definiely more Elosie & Colin! Although the kids could be fun too! Watching Richard, Miles, Geoff & Turnip manage teenagers would be wildly entertaining!

  6. I always say the decedents, could you imagine a story about Miss Gwen’s daughter’s kid (Grandma Gwen anyone?). I don’t think that the spin off would need to necessarily be spy related because the other multi time frame books are so good too. I thought I would also go out on a limb here and say what about Colin’s sister, Serena? We don’t know much about her story.

  7. The continued story of the Selwick Spy School which would of course include certain descendants of our beloved characters and the spies they trained through the years.

  8. Pink Spin-off, hmm…descendants would be good, I see Miles as long lived into his high 90’s eating ginger biscuits with the great-great grandkids, Grandfather Turnip would be fun, it might be fun to find out that Eloise is descended from Andre & Miss Grey or one of Lucien’s New Orleans cousins. I kind of like the idea of Colin & Eloise solving modern mysteries, but I don’t care for mysteries set in the modern times so maybe solving the unsolved mysteries in foreign places might be more fun because I like that Eloise gets stuck in the past so keeping her strictly in the modern times wouldn’t do it for me.
    I want to be entered twice so I am trying to put something on Facebook too (didn’t there used to be a link so you could be in the Giveaway notice and post it to FB?)
    Wish me luck.

  9. I would like to know what happens to Lizzy and Kat Reid. Of course a continuation of Eloise and Colin’s story would be terrific as well!

  10. I would love a descendants story…or one focusing on Mrs. Selwick-Alderly, but really, I’d take anything if it meant more Pink stories!

  11. I would like to read the backstory of Colin’s Aunt. She is a very strong woman and a fabulous character. What adventures did she enjoy when she was younger and less jaded by the goings-on of her daughter-in-law?

  12. I’d like to see a spin off of Turnip and his sister solving mysteries with their spouses and of course Sally’s stoat. I’m sure the stoat has some more days to save in its life.

    I’d also like to keep up with Colin and Eloise I enjoy their parts of the books and think they could be quite successful solving mysteries together.

    Shared on FB for a second entry.

  13. I would love to see a book or two about the descendants . Lizzy and Kat have stories, too.

    I’d love to read a Christmas novella featuring Ms. Gwen, Jane, Hen or Turnip. And Colin and Elosie….am hoping to read all about their HEA next month!

  14. I really want to see Lauren’s previously-mentioned novel about Kat and Tommy. But I would love to see Eloise and Colin travel on research that stumbles into mysteries, either current or that lead back into the past.

  15. Hmmm. A continuation of the Reid children would be great. But I would also like to see Colin and Eloise on more sleuthing missions.

  16. Another adventure for the originals (Richard, Miles, Geoff)! They’ve been in retirement long enough that I think they’re itching to get out and do something!

  17. Would love to finally get Kat’s story…and to see Serena get her act together. Or another book set at Christmas time, a la Mischief of the Mistletoe.

  18. So many wonderful options

    A story in Russia
    Andre and Laura and Gabrielle in America
    Richard and Henrietta’s parents getting together
    The continuation of the selwick spy school
    What the descendants were doing in the early 20th century
    Richard handling a daughter about to get married

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