Pink XI Week 4 in Review

How is it possible that it’s time for our last Pink XI recap?  Please join me in saying big bouquets of thanks to Dara for leading us through this last reread in preparation for Pink XII!  She has done an awesome job.  Also, thank you Dara for my new title (you will see below).  I plan to wear it proudly like a hat.

Pink XI*Graphic by Sharlene

I can’t believe we are at the last re-cap! I want to thank all of you for hanging out with me this month’s we did this last re-read before the end. And thank you so much, Ashely, for setting all of this up and letting us hijack your blog for the past 11 months. You have been such an awesome hostess, Oh Captain of the Pink fanatics!

Now, on to the last recap! We left Sally and Lucien on the eve of their betrothal ball, which was to be their un-betrothal ball after their fight, and Eloise and Colin on the eve of their own All Hallows’ Eve ball.

Cambridge, 2004: Colin and Eloise attend the undergrad Halloween party, which isn’t quite the party to end all parties that Eloise remembers. Colin is acting strange, even for him, leaving the party to make mysterious phone calls in the foyer. After giving up on the party the two head back to Eloise’s cramped flat, where Colin announces that he is leaving Selwick Hall.

Hullingden, 1806: Sally finds herself at her betrothal ball where nothing is going the way it should at one’s very own fake betrothal ball. Then, wonder of wonders, Lucien apologizes and utters those three magic words (“you were right”) and all is well with the world. But before they can get on with the kissing part of making up, Sherry, Lucien’s old tutor, shows up with evidence that someone lured Fanny to the ball the night she was murdered, and a footman brings Lucien a note drawing him to the Folly, where Sally is supposed to be waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Sir Matthew insists on a private chat with Sally before she returns to the ballroom, in which it is uncovered (aside from the fact that the man clearly has an unhealthy fixation on Lucien’s guilt) that Lord Henry has been stirring the rumor mill where Lucien is concerned. Sally rushes off to protect Lucien from the killer, leaving our beloved Turnip to muster the forces and bring in the cavalry.

Lucien arrives at the Folly to find not Sally, but his Uncle, waiting for him. As Uncle Henry hands Lucien the poisoned drink Sally and Lady Florence arrive armed with little more than sheer nerve. Following the typical villain’s confession and a stirring display of intended sacrifice, Lady Florence saves the day by disarming Lord Henry and the cavalry arrives slightly late, but no less enthusiastic. Sally and Lucien confess their love for each other, and their un-betrothal ball becomes a betrothal ball once again.

Cambridge, 2004: Following Colin’s bomb, and subsequent explanation, Eloise confesses that her meeting with her dissertation advisor was less than encouraging and she isn’t even sure she wants to teach anymore. In the midst of discussion Colin suggests that she return to Selwick Hall and write her dissertation as fiction rather than academic writing. With that, Colin presents Eloise with her birthday present, a cupcake that seems to have something ring-like and shiny on top. Is it what we think it is? We’ll have to wait until next month to find out!

11 thoughts on “Pink XI Week 4 in Review

  1. I love that we “Pink Fanatics” have a captain! Huzzah Ashley! I love Sally and Lucien’s story although I was missing the presence of spies. Can’t wait to get back to Jane and espionage! I do have to say I’m glad I decided to wait and read this for the first time now instead of when it came out because after reading that Colin and Eloise ending I don’t think I could wait a year for the next book. Come on Moonflower Day!!!

  2. So sad to be at the end, but happy to be closer to Moonflower. I believe I thanked everyone before, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again. Thanks for this month, Dara. Thanks for the whole year, Ashley! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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