Holding Out for a Hero

This post was written by Miss Eliza.


If you go back through old posts on Lauren’s blog or ever went to a signing event, one of the number one questions asked was “who would Jane end up with?” Lauren was always good in that she wouldn’t spoil it for those who didn’t want to know and would whisper it in the ear of the one who asked the question. Much giddy giggling usually followed from those who now knew the secret. I, who usually like spoilers, decided to wait until the time was right. After all, look how long Jane herself had waited? At different times her name has been bandied about with a certain Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe, even one Lord Sebastian Vaughn! And when The Passion of the Purple Plumeria was released Miss Gwen wasn’t the only one to fear that a Gardner might come along a pluck a carnation for himself… but finally, last summer, we knew that none of these men were the hero Jane had been holding out for. The silver knight would fall to Jack Reid.


But despite being a fictional character, when I read the little excerpt at the back my ARC of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla last June I knew there was another fictional hero played by an iconic actor whom Jack was based on. This would of course be Harrison Ford as Han Solo. If the liberal usage of “princess” didn’t get your antennae up, let me assure you that Lauren did confirm my suspicions and her husband even had a bet with her to get the record straight on “who shot first” slipped into the pages of The Lure of the Moonflower. I also hope everyone here is in agreement that Han shot first, if not… walk away. As to why Jack Reid is based on Han Solo? Well, I have a theory there and I hope you agree. Firstly an interesting fact, Lauren is one year older than me, and yes, this is an important fact. Growing up when we did in the eighties Star Wars was the biggest thing around. Much like The Princess Bride would become a later touchstone for our generation, Star Wars was where it all began, in a galaxy far far away. But one thing girls in the know where keyed into was that Luke wasn’t the star, it was all about Han.


Han Solo probably ranks in the top five crushes of girls growing up in the eighties. He was my first big crush after I moved off of wanting to marry Robin Hood – the fox. Yes, it was the Disney version so I literally mean a fox. I spent an entire summer doing nothing but watching my old VHS tapes of the original (and only in my mind) trilogy over and over. I usually got about two in a day. One day my best friend came over and really wanted to watch Return of the Jedi and I told her we could so long as we watched The Empire Strikes Back first. We watched The Empire Strikes Back, she went home, I kept watching, she came over the next day and I told her we were back to Star Wars, or A New Hope if that’s your naming convention. I had every scene memorized, every longing look between Han and Leia mapped out. He is the official rebel bad boy crush that everyone wants to tame. I remember I had two Han Solo action figures, one looked nothing like Harrison Ford, in fact he looked a little like Alice Cooper, but the other figure… the other figure I loved because it looked like Han. So of course my little brother threw him out a window. Years later I got him out of the gutter and he was more rugged than ever. To me Han Solo is the dream man for my and Lauren’s generation and it only makes sense that Jane ends up with the ideal man, flaws and all.

8 thoughts on “Holding Out for a Hero

  1. 1. I love the Disney Robin Hood. 2. Oh my Gosh, he is Han Solo! I kept thinking as I was reading last night (until my husband forcibly took the book out of my hands and turned out the light and I pouted like a small child and may or may not have thrown a small temper tantrum that included multiple uttering of the phrase “But I’m not sleepy!”) “I know this Jack, I’ve seen him before, but who is he?” And now I know. He’s Jack, the scruffy looking nerf herder.

  2. Now when I read I will probably be picturing Han Solo, which won’t be a bad thing. Star Wars is pretty much The Han Solo Show, right? This was very interesting, Miss Eliza. Thanks! I have never had the of going to one of Lauren’s book signings. I am also one of those who didn’t want to know ahead of time who Jane’s love was. I am SO looking forward to this story!

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