The Lure of the Moonflower

It’s the first Monday of August – y’all know what time it is!  Somehow, unbelievably, the month of Pink XII has arrived!  Miss Eliza is helping me out with this month of moderating (and by helping me out, I mean being incredibly on top of things, way ahead of me, and generally keeping my on my toes), and she’ll be in charge of posting this week.  Reading schedule for the month is below – yes, we realize the book doesn’t actually go on sale until tomorrow, but remember that the first two chapters can be found in the back of your copy of Pink XI. And once you get your hands on your copy this week, I have a feeling you’ll have no trouble at all keeping up… over to Miss Eliza.


Hello again, c’est moi, Miss Eliza! I’m back because I couldn’t very well let Ashley do the last month of Pink for All Seasons on her own now could I? We were both lucky enough, thanks to our blogs, to have slightly earlier access to The Lure of the Moonflower so we could prepare for August. But still, without as much time as usually for prep, two is far far better than one! So let’s get down to it – you’ll all be able to rush out and get your book on Tuesday, so to tide you over, here’s the lay of the land for the month; though I have a feeling once you start the book the reading schedule will be swiftly thrown aside. But that’s just me.

Who: Jane Wooliston and Jack Reid

Where: Portugal

When: Late 1807

What: Jane Wooliston must locate the missing and mad Queen Maria of Portugal before she falls into the hands of the French. In order to get her work done Jane teams up with Jack Reid, an agent who doesn’t know that Jane is not only aware of his history and tendency to shift allegiances but might have a message from his estranged family. But will Jane and Jack’s reputations sour their opinions of each other or are they willing to realize that neither of them are what they appear?

Historical Cameos: Queen Maria I of Portugal and General Jean-Andoche Junot

Reading Schedule:
Friday, August 7th: Prologue and Chapters 1-6
Friday, August 14th: Chapters 7-13
Friday, August 21st: Chapters 14-21
Friday, August 28th: Chapters 22-28

Now let’s start reading!


18 thoughts on “The Lure of the Moonflower

  1. Downloaded on my phone today so I can start reading!! I am going to try to stay on schedule this time (ha! Yeah.. maybe I’ll try to make it last at least through the weekend?)

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