AshleyMy name is Ashley.  I majored in English at Elon University, where I got to spend four years reading books and talking about them with some amazing people.  I taught high school English for four years, and now I do administrative work for UNC-Chapel Hill.  I’ve been enjoying the freedom that the new job gives me to read things that are new and different in my spare time, but I’ve found that I occasionally miss reading Romeo and Juliet.

BradThis is Brad.  He supports my reading habits by buying me books on all gift-giving occasions (and sometimes just because) and reminding me that, rather than giving away old books, we could just get more bookshelves.  He introduced me to Clive Cussler and Michael Crichton, and it only took me three months to convince him to try Harry Potter.  He is also super-patient with me when I come home from the store with books instead of food.  He is a keeper.

Clouseau This is Clouseau.  He does not mind my compulsive reading as long as I keep to my side of the couch and occasionally provide treats.

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