Pink VI: Dream Casting

Today’s post was written by Miss Eliza of Strange and Random Happenstance.


While it’s hard to choose a favorite book in this series, though my heart does lean towards last month’s re-read, there is without a doubt one heroine I most identify with, and that is Lady Charlotte Lansdowne. Her bookish ways, her fairy tale dreams, I am Charlotte! So, of course, being as this would be my avatar I’m casting I would only settle for the best. To me there is only one actress who exudes the sweetness coupled with a dreamy air, and of course, the dimples to properly pull off that shepherdess costume. I am of course talking about that darling Carey Mulligan, seen above with Amy Balcourt appropriately. From the bubbly Kitty Bennet to the lovesick Ada Clare I can’t think of anyone else to play Charlotte. I mean seriously, just do a Google image search on her and you have tons of pictures of her smiling face, you might even be under the impression that she is holding in her laughter waiting to bait certain mythical beasts with tarts!


As for Robert, the Duke of Dovedale, I give you Stephen Campbell Moore to consider. Now Stephen never struck me as a leading man, though his performance in He Knew He Was Right is fabulous. He is usually second fiddle, and usually to the likes of heartthrobs like Matthew Goode and Jonny Lee Miller. Stephen is a solid actor who can really do conflicted well; a trait that I think we all agree has to be at the core of Robert. Plus he has a chameleonic ability to just inhabit his roles, making you think not of the man behind the character but of just the character. Though there is one role in which I sat up and went “damn!” This was during the first season of Lark Rise to Candleford where he played the new male (I know, so shocking) teacher at the local school. As James Delafield he exuded intelligence and wit and sex appeal, and damn he looks good in a beard. When reading about Robert first reigning in his horse in the courtyard he looked exactly like Stephen Campbell Moore on Lark Rise to Candleford… it’s amazing how sometimes it’s just there, click.


Of course I cannot let this dream casting come to a close without mentioning a certain villainous man… with a love for hellfire, naughty.  I am talking about Medmenham. Now, I don’t know if any of you will openly admit to having watched a little, or perhaps a lot, of Gossip Girl, but I want to bring the actor behind Chuck Bass to your attention today. Medmenham is basically the Regency Chuck Bass, laugh all you want, but you know, deep down, I’m right. So who better to play our 19th century Chuck then the actor who brought him to life, Ed Westwick. Also, interesting fact, he’s actually British, so quite literally perfect. So let’s get him off to some nice dank caves and get this party started!

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Lady Charlotte Lansdowne played by Carey Mulligan
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