Pink IX: Dream Casting

Please forgive the lateness of this post today!  I had some unexpected internet access issues today, but I hope we can just call this fashionably late.  Miss Eliza is returning for another round of dream casting – away we go!


While I usually begin these little posts with who I cast first, which is usually the fair heroines, I thought perhaps it’s time I should break that habit.  After all, Augustus Whittlesby has been waiting a long time. Not only has he been around since the first book in this series, but he was easily the hardest casting I have ever been faced with. I know, I’m probably jinxing myself for the final book and Jack Reid, but there was just no one who would fit. Unlike Jaouen who was a complete mystery to me, there were a lot of options I tested and they all failed, until inspiration finally struck. My friend Marie and I often talk about Lauren’s books and lately we have of course been discussing the re-read and the dream casting. So, both of us love and adore Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow fame. I sadly gave up on the show but Marie still soldiers on. One day the topic of dream casting and our love of Tom Mison collided. Marie asked me; “Well who will Tom Mison play?” Without even a second of doubt I said Augustus Whittlesby. I actually shocked myself because I didn’t realize that I had the answer for Augustus all along! Tom is a brilliant actor, but most importantly of all, he can pull off long hair and flowing shirts. Tom could easily be lining up behind Shelley, Byron, and Coleridge, in the Blackadder episode “Ink and Incapability” which is my basis for all Regency poets. Forevermore to me Tom is Augustus and yes, he can so pull of those shirts, but more importantly, those pants!


As for Emma Delagardie, she clicked into place as soon as I started reading The Garden Intrigue. It is weird how sometimes it’s so easy and other times it’s a struggle to make these connections of the abilities of an actor or actress and the role I see them playing. I felt bad for my fair heroine the first time I read the book because in one scene I was trying out Dan Stevens with her, in another, for some reason to do with the floppy hair, it was Matt Smith. I could almost hear her frustration. Couldn’t I just get her man? Well, now she has her man, and as for her, she’s Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell, besides being a petite blonde American with very straight hair, has the acting chops needed to match wits and also enjoy insulting Augustus for fun at his poetry readings. If anything was learned from my repeat viewings of Veronica Mars it is that Bell has an amazing range, but she also has in innate sense of humor that is rarely seen in actors. She could totally grasp the humor of the theatrical production her and Augustus are writing. Plus, seriously, she’s just awesome.


Though there is another man who reappears in The Garden Intrigue whom needs to be addressed. I am talking about Georges Marston. There is no way to like this creepy letch. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore him. After all, Emma and him did have a dalliance, no matter how ill advised. We can also not forget that Amy mistakenly thought he was the Purple Gentian prior to discovering the truth way back in The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. So, despite his nastiness, there has to be something appealing physically about George that let one lady take him to bed and let the other daydream about his foiling the French. So he might be a fine physical specimen, with luxurious mutton chops, but still a nasty piece of work. Therefore my casting might be a little radical, because it’s an actor I really like, I mean really really like, but he was able to show in Atonement that he can be a Class A creeper. I am, of course, talking about the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch. Plus he’s such a gifted actor it would probably be fun for him to play the ass.

Emma Delagardie played by Kristen Bell
Augustus Whittlesby played by Tim Mison