Happy Release Day, Susanna Kearsley!


I love Tuesdays in book world – there is always something to look forward to.  Today is release day for Susanna Kearsley’s novel The Splendour Falls.  This isn’t a new release in the traditional sense.  The Splendour Falls was actually published in 1995 by Corgi, a Random House imprint.  I think it was only available for purchase in the UK and Canada.  But since Susanna was picked up by Sourcebooks Landmark in the US, her new books are available in the US and her older books are getting a cover makeover and re-release.

Here’s what Landmark says about The Splendour Falls:

1205 – the town of Chinon is beseiged by enemies of King John, and his young Queen calls upon a trusted servant to conceal her treasured jewels.

Emily Braden is intrigued by the medieval story of Queen Isabelle, and cannot resist when her cousin Harry, a historian, suggests a trip to the white-walled town of Chinon, nestling in France’s Loire Valley. But when Harry vanishes and Emily begins to search for him, she stumbles across another intriguing mystery — a second Isabelle, a chambermaid during the Second World War, who had her own tragedy, and her own treasure to hide.

As Emily explores the ancient town of labyrinthine tunnels, old enmities, and new loves, she finds herself drawn ever closer to the mysterious Isabelles and their long-kept secrets.

Sounds excellent to me!  Because Susanna is such a lovely person, when I emailed her to ask her a question last week and mentioned I was looking forward to The Splendour Falls, she responded to me almost immediately and also shared some thoughts about today’s release.  Here is what she had to say about The Splendour Falls:

“It’s an older book, so a little different than my newer ones, and the characters probably smoke more than they ought to (and don’t carry cellphones) (and listen to cassette tapes) but it’s set in what’s probably my favourite place on earth, so for that reason alone will always be special to me.”

If you’re interested, lots of other information is available on Susanna’s website.  You can see her photos of Chinon from when she traveled there herself and even read the first chapter of the book for free.

I’ll be getting my hands on a copy today.  Happy Tuesday to you, wherever you are.